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Our 1e pension 1e Invest

Personal investment strategy
Ideal for larger corporations
High degree of individuality
Key points at a glance
  • Freedom to choose: Your employees are responsible for choosing their own investment strategies, based on their personal preferences. 
  • Individual investment groups: No unwanted redistributions or restructuring contributions incurred by your employees.
  • Digital partnership: We provide a comprehensive digital service, giving you a high degree of flexibility.

What we offer

The BVG/LPP offers insured persons with a salary of over CHF 132,300 the opportunity to invest their pension capital individually. Salary amounts above this threshold can be insured in a separate pension solution such as 1e Invest. With this solution, insured persons choose the investment strategy that suits their personal retirement circumstances. What’s more, the 1e solution from AXA provides balance sheet relief for companies with international accounting (IFRS, US GAAP).

Features of our 1e pension solution

  • What are the advantages for employees?
    • With the normal pension fund (2nd pillar), investment strategies are predefined. With 1e, however, you benefit from individual investment solutions offering complete transparency on costs as well as investment income
    • Protection against redistribution and restructuring contributions 
    • Flexible and digital – switching investment strategies is simple and costs nothing 
    • No tax on interest and dividend income 
    • Retirement assets are paid out with no deductions in the event of death
  • What are the advantages for employers?
    • Greater appeal as an employer 
    • Flexible design of occupational benefits plans and digital processing 
    • Transparent cost premium irrespective of assets invested 
    • Actuarial risks of disability and death covered by AXA Life Ltd 
    • Balance sheet relief with international accounting (IFRS, US GAAP)
  • What digital services are included?

    1e Invest enables administrative tasks to be handled digitally – which helps to make life easier for employers. Example:

    • Administration of insured persons, plan, and securities
    • Portfolio management per insured person
    • Individual portfolio administration and monitoring of OPO 2 guidelines by AXA
  • How can insured persons benefit from the pensions portal?

    When taking out 1e Invest, the following steps need to be followed so that insured persons can benefit from the pension solution and are able to view their investment portfolio and structure.

    • Opening of a personal digital account
    • Creation of an individual risk profile and selection of investment strategy in pensions portal
  • How is the investment portfolio structured?

    Unlike the normal pension fund (2nd pillar), AXA 1e Invest enables insured persons to choose between five investment strategies:

    • AXA 1e low risk: No shares (corresponds to low-risk strategy as per legal definition)
    • AXA 1e 20: Share allocation 20%
    • AXA 1e 35: Share allocation 35%
    • AXA 1e 50: Share allocation 50%
    • AXA 1e 75: Share allocation 75%

    All strategies benefit from the expertise of AXA Asset Management:

    • Independence through best-in-class approach
    • Top price/benefit ratio
    • Active tactical investment decisions and risk management

About the Foundation

The AXA 1e Foundation in Winterthur was established in 2022. Its purpose is to arrange occupational retirement, survivors’, and disability pension provision for its affiliated companies. It provides services beyond mandatory occupational pension provision. 1e occupational benefits plans are only available in the case of incomes over CHF 132,300.

Characteristics and concept

Management of investments

  • Insured persons choose the investment strategy themselves and therefore bear the investment risk.
  • The assets are invested by AXA Asset Management .

Protection of pension benefits

  • In the event of disability or death, the insured person’s benefits are reinsured with AXA Life Ltd.
  • On retirement, the invested assets are paid out as retirement benefits.

Administration and management

  • AXA Life Ltd.

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of AXA Foundation 1e Invest is composed of the following members:

  • Rosa Maria Masino, Chair
    Head of Financial Services, Foundations Occupational Benefits
  • Karin Berchtold
    Head of Operations, Group Life Specialist Unit
  • Dominic Lutz
    Head of Pricing, Occupational Benefits
  • Alex Härtsch
    Head of Accounting


The management is responsible for the operational management of the foundation, advises the Board of Trustees on strategic issues, and bears the responsibility for implementing the decisions of the Board of Trustees. 

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