For third-party damage Construction owner's liability insurance for companies

For third-party claims due to personal injury & property damage
Legal protection in the event of criminal proceedings
Defense against unsubstantiated claims
Key points at a glance
  • Worry-free construction: Construction owner’s liability insurance is for everyone who commissions building projects. This insurance protects you against high costs, because, as a construction owner, you are liable for damages, even if you are not at fault.
  • Third-party claims included: The insurance covers claims for personal injury or property damage caused to third parties due to construction work.
  • Protection against claims: It also defends you against unsubstantiated or excessive claims for damages.

What is construction owner’s liability insurance?

Construction materials injure a passer-by, the excavation causes cracks in the building of the neighboring company: Accidents can happen quickly on a construction site. And as the construction owner, your company is the liable party – even if you or your employees are not at fault. 

Construction owner’s liability lets you transfer the significantly higher personal, environmental and property risks to AXA. This insurance covers the costs of justified claims, while passive legal protection ensures that excessive or unjustified claims are defended. 

What does AXA construction owner’s liability insurance cover?

  • Third-party claims as a result of damage caused by assembly and construction work
  • Environmental damage
  • Loss prevention costs, i.e. measures taken to prevent imminent damage or loss
  • Bodily injury

Who is insured?

Construction owner’s liability insurance defends the construction owner in connection with the construction site against civil liability cases. 

What additional benefits are available?

The following insurance add-ons let you enhance your construction owner’s liability coverage: 

  • Pure financial loss
  • Damage due to drilling for geothermal energy use
  • Accidents involving visitors or customers

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