Expanded accident coverage for your team Supplemental accident insurance (SAI)

Comprehensive benefits for accidents
Boosts your attractiveness as an employer
Up to 25% discount for bundling policies
Key points at a glance
  • Expanded insurance coverage: Supplemental accident insurance lets you expand the benefits that are clearly defined under the accident insurance law. 
  • Attractive benefits: In addition to paying for hospital stays in private and semi-private rooms, you and your employees enjoy extra cash benefits and comprehensive protection for accidents outside of Switzerland.
  • Improved employee retention: Supplemental accident insurance lets you offer more than just the basic coverage required by law, making you a more attractive employer. 

What is supplemental accident insurance?

As an employer, you are required by law to insure your employees for accidents. By taking out group supplemental accident insurance, you can offer your employees more benefits than they would receive under the basic state-mandated accident insurance. It provides your employees with attractive supplemental benefits so they are even better protected against the financial consequences of an accident – and boosts your attractiveness as an employer.

Supplemental accident insurance can be taken out for all the employees in a company who are insured as per the Accident Insurance Act. AXA’s supplemental accident insurance can be added to any existing mandatory accident insurance solution (even for coverage from another insurer).  

What benefits does supplemental accident insurance provide?

AXA lets you put together a supplemental accident insurance solution that best aligns with the needs of your company and your employees. You can choose from the following benefits: 

  • Treatment costs: AXA covers the additional cost of care in a semi-private or private room.
  • International coverage: With supplemental insurance, accident victims can receive preauthorization for the cost of medical treatment outside Switzerland at any time of day or night.
  • Daily benefits:  AXA covers daily benefits right from day one – even for the portion of an employee’s salary that exceeds the maximum amount of CHF 148,200 under the accident insurance act. 
  • Pensions:  Since AXA also insures the portion of employees’ salaries that exceed the maximum insurable salary, these portions entitle the insured to a disability pension as well. In addition, AXA pays out 40% of the insured salary as a survivor’s pension for partners.
  • Death and disability lump sums: Additional lump sums can be insured to offer you and your survivors additional financial security in the event of death or disability. AXA will pay out these benefits after an accident without any time-consuming clarifications. This way the family members receive the money directly to cover any financial shortfalls. 
  • Exclusions coverage:  The insurance coverage applies to certain exclusions that aren’t covered by mandatory accident insurance, such as hazardous activities or gross negligence. 

AXA supplemental accident insurance customers benefit from these services

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    WeCare gives your company access to a wide range of services and professional assistance in the areas of prevention and reintegration, helping you to improve the well-being of your employees and in this way avoid long-term absences.

    More about WeCare
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    Accident Card

    Thanks to the Accident Card, your employees have all the necessary information quickly to hand in an emergency while they are abroad. This service is provided free of charge to AXA customers with supplemental accident coverage. Your AXA contact person will be happy to order some for you.

Support and FAQs

  • How much do supplemental accident insurance premiums cost?

    How much you pay for supplemental accident insurance depends on several different things. You can use our premium calculator (in German) to quickly and easily see how much the insurance will cost you.

  • Who pays for supplemental accident insurance?

    There are no regulations governing how the costs of supplemental accident insurance are to be divided between employees and the employer. It is up to the employer to decide whether they would like to pay for accident insurance entirely themselves, split the costs with their employees or let their employees pay the full amount. 

  • Is supplemental accident insurance worth it?

    While the benefits for mandatory accident insurance are comprehensive, they are clearly limited under the law. As an example, accidents abroad are not fully covered – only a maximum of twice the amount of what the accident would cost in Switzerland is refunded. Nor does mandatory accident insurance pay for accidents caused by gross negligence.

    For some companies it is worthwhile to supplement mandatory accident insurance – particularly if employees often work outside of Switzerland. Or if the company wishes to establish itself as an attractive employer in order to attract new talent. 

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