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For small and medium-sized companies Group Invest

Differentiated investment strategy for mandatory and extra-mandatory segments
Transparency and ability to plan thanks to interest model
Individual pension plan design
Key points at a glance
  • Pension solution for companies: Group Invest is the proven BVG/OPA solution with a differentiated investment strategy for the mandatory and extra-mandatory assets invested.
  • Security and attractive interest: The interest model offers security and an attractive average rate of interest, and thus the opportunity of higher retirement benefits for insured members.
  • Attractive additional services included: Whether online contract administration, access to the pensions portal, or offerings aimed at promoting employee motivation and wellbeing. 

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Interest on retirement assets

  • Average interest rate for the period 2019–2023
    Mandatory: 1.83% | Extra-mandatory: 2.67%
  • Interest rate for 2023
    Mandatory: 1.0% | Extra-mandatory: 1.0%

What is Group Invest?

Group Invest is the semi-autonomous pension solution from the  Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest that allows small and medium-sized businesses in particular to benefit from a clear increase in efficiency and lower costs. Group Invest proves that security and attractive average interest rates are possible, even in periods of considerable market price fluctuations.

Coupled with the interest model, the differentiated investment strategy for the mandatory and extra-mandatory segments unlocks a more attractive rate of interest, especially in the segment for extra-mandatory retirement assets. The Foundation thus offers occupational benefits funds with a higher proportion of extra-mandatory pension assets additional opportunities to secure higher retirement benefits.

With the Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest, businesses and insured members benefit from a sound age structure and low levels of pension obligations. The Board of Trustees seeks to secure growth for the Foundation over the long term so as to safeguard its sound structure.

Pooled investments with optimized earnings and risk

The pension assets of the affiliated companies are invested and managed on the basis of a uniform investment strategy by the collective foundation, together with Credit Suisse and AXA. Based on positive developments in the financial markets, a performance-oriented investment concept generates long-term returns that exceed the statutory minimum interest rate.

The Board of Trustees of the collective foundation sets the interest rate for the retirement assets according to the interest model. This is based on the expected coverage ratio and the performance achieved by investments at the end of the year. 

What are the advantages of Group Invest?

  • Attractive average interest thanks to a differentiated investment strategy
  • Flexible and needs-based design of pension plans
  • Full delegation of investment responsibility and administration
  • Full coverage of the risks of disability and death by AXA Life
  • Straightforward administration thanks to free online tools: OPA Services for employers and the myAXA pensions portal for insureds 
  • Attractive supplementary services for better employee health and motivation

The Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest

The Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest in Winterthur was founded on March 15, 1984. Its purpose is to manage the occupational old-age, survivors’, and disability benefits insurance of its affiliated companies throughout Switzerland. To this end, it provides mandatory occupational benefits insurance and offers pension plans comprising extra-mandatory benefits.

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