Our pension solution Group Invest

Individual pension plan design
Management of the pension assets by AXA and Credit Suisse
Transparency and ability to plan thanks to interest model
Key points at a glance
  • Differentiated and efficient: Group Invest is the proven pension solution with a differentiated investment strategy for the obligatory and extra-mandatory assets invested.
  • Security and attractive interest: The interest model offers security and an average rate of interest.

Interest rate on retirement assets

  • Average interest rate 2019 to 2022
    Mandatory benefits: 2.04 | Extra-mandatory benefits: 3.09 %
  • Interest rate 2022
    Mandatory benefits: 1.0 % | Extra-mandatory benefits: 1.0 %

Our services

Thanks to investment pooling, medium-sized companies in particular benefit from a considerable rise in efficiency and lower costs with this semi-autonomous concept. For years, Group Invest has proven that security and attractive average interest rates are also possible during periods of considerable market price fluctuations. The financial risks of death and disability are borne by AXA.

What are the advantages of Group Invest?

  • Attractive average interest thanks to a solid coverage ratio
  • Above-average conversion rates:
    • Men, retirement age 65: mandatory 6.8%, extra-mandatory 5.5%
    • Women, retirement age 64: mandatory 6.8%, extra-mandatory 5.365%
  • Flexible and needs-based design of pension plans
  • Full delegation of investment responsibility and administration
  • Full coverage of the risks of disability and death by AXA Life
  • Free online services     


Pooled investments with optimized earnings and risk

The pension assets of all affiliated companies are invested and managed on the basis of a uniform investment strategy by the collective foundation, together with Credit Suisse and AXA. Based on positive developments in the financial markets, a performance-oriented investment concept generates long-term returns that exceed the statutory minimum interest rate.


The Board of Trustees of the collective foundation sets the interest rate for the retirement assets in accordance with the interest model. This is based on the expected coverage ratio at the end of the year. The savings contributions and interest determine how the retirement assets develop.

Key figures

Key figures of Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest

Performance trend of Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest

Our new investment strategy

It is important to us that you and your employees are able to maintain your usual standard of living into your old age despite the challenges in the capital markets. To achieve this goal, the Board of Trustees has decided to adapt the investment strategy from January 1, 2021. Two substrategies – "mandatory" and "extra-mandatory" – forming the basis of the new interest model have been defined. The interest model now makes a stronger distinction between "mandatory" and "extra-mandatory," with the result that extra-mandatory retirement assets will generally be able to earn higher interest than was formerly the case. The potential for a superior rate of interest is thus increased, meaning that insured members can expect higher retirement benefits.

The change in the investment strategy from January 1, 2021, will provide the following advantages:

“With two different investment strategies, we offer our customers security coupled with the prospects of higher interest. This makes it possible for us to allow you to maintain your standard of living in your retirement.”

Andreas Schläpfer, Chairman of the Board of Trustees of Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest

About the foundation

The Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest, Winterthur, was established on March 15, 1984. Its purpose is to manage the occupational old-age, survivors’ and disability benefits insurance of its affiliated companies. As well as providing mandatory occupational benefits insurance, it also offers pension plans that exceed the minimum requirements of the law.

Characteristics and concept

Management of investments

  • The Board of Trustees defines the investment strategy; the collective foundation with its affiliated pension funds bears the investment risk.
  • The assets are invested by Credit Suisse and AXA Asset Management.

Protection of pension benefits

  • Benefits due if an insured person becomes disabled or dies before retirement age are reinsured with AXA Life Ltd.
  • The Foundation pays the retirement benefits and the associated surviving dependants' pensions in the event of an insured person's death after retirement age.

Administration and management

  • AXA Life Ltd.


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees of the Columna Collective Foundation Group Invest is composed of the following members:

  • Andreas Schläpfer

    Andreas Schläpfer (Chair)

    Employer representative

    Emil Egger AG, St. Gallen
    Head of Finance and Controlling

  • Hans Rudolf Haefeli

    Hans Rudolf Haefeli

    Employer representative

    Reoplan Treuhand AG, Berne
    Member of the Executive Board

  • Thomas Valda

    Thomas Valda

    Employer representative

    Puls Baumanagement GmbH, Winterthur
    Executive Board

  • Giuseppe Costa

    Giuseppe Costa

    Employee representative

    HRM Systems AG, Winterthur
    Head of Actuarial

  • Vanessa Emmenegger

    Vanessa Emmenegger

    Employee representative

    M&S Software Engineering AG, Berne

  • Angela Hagemann

    Angela Hagemann

    Employee representative

    Eaton Automation GmbH, St. Gallen
    Internal Sales

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