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Hail damage?

Has your car or motorcycle, your garden table or your house been damaged by hail?

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Car/motorcycle        Household contents        Building

Storm damage?

Has water or a storm caused severe damage? To your building, cellar or company premises?

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Private individuals        Companies

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  • Saving, cleaning, drying

    Please save, clean, wash and dry the damaged items – even if you've not yet contacted us. This prevents the items sustaining any further damage due to prolonged exposure to moisture. The measures you take do not impact our insurance benefits.

  • Immediate restoration measures and total losses

    Commission specialist firms to repair expensive items such as carpets, technical equipment, bicycles, skis, etc. If a repair is no longer worthwhile, request an assessment of the condition and a valuation of the relevant item.

    You can dispose of totally damaged items with an individual value of up to CHF 1000 as well as perishable goods such as food. However, please note the following regarding proof of damage.

  • Documenting and proving damage

    You are obligated to prove and document the damage incurred.

    • List the items in as much detail as possible in the "Claims list" form (download).
    • Photograph the damaged items. This is especially important when it comes to totally damaged items and perishable goods that can be disposed of.
    • Please retain any expensive items for a possible inspection by our experts.

    Kindly send us the completed lists and forms as well as the photographs as soon as possible.

  • Compensation of your time

    Please note down the time you and your helpers spent in the "Hours worked" form (download). In doing so, differentiate between time spent on the building and time spent on household contents; these times are covered by different insurance contracts.

  • Offers for repair

    All insurance companies that deal with the settlement of storm damage operate a combined pool. This pool requires that offers are to be submitted for work/repairs from a claims amount per specialist area of CHF 5,000 (one counter-offer) / CHF 10,000 (two counter-offers) respectively. The offers must include the scope, the square meter price, and the estimated cost.

    We are happy to support or advise you in this matter. We will also explore alternatives with our partner firms on request. Contact us as soon as possible in this regard.

  • AXA 24-hour helpline 0800 809 809

    Do you have any further questions? If so, please call us.

    Has your claim already been registered with us and is it being dealt with? If so, please contact the responsible person directly. You will find their name and phone number on the confirmation of receipt that you have already received.

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