Storm and hail damage: cars, delivery vans, motorcycles, etc.

Was your vehicle damaged by hail, flying debris or flooding? The fastest way to report a claim for your car, delivery van, motorcycle or other vehicle is online.

Drive-in for hail-damaged vehicles

It’s annoying when your car or delivery van has hail damage and sometimes it’s difficult to fix quickly – especially if there was a large hailstorm that caused a lot of damage. Regardless of whether they happen in just one region or across the whole country, when large hailstorms pass through, we will set up a Drive-in for you. This is the quickest way to repair your hail damage. Take advantage of these great benefits. 

  • Independent specialists provide a repair estimate in just 30 minutes 
  • Advice and options for repairing your vehicle or paying out the claim 
  • Set up an appointment with a hail damage professional directly

Glass damage

Are you no longer able to drive your vehicle because your windows were shattered by hail?  We will be happy to organize the repair for you. We can even arrange a mobile emergency / partial repair so you can make it to your Drive-in appointment. 

AXA partner companies take care of storm damage

Let one of our authorized partner companies repair the storm or hail damage to your car or delivery van. And you will benefit from these exclusive services. 

  • Free courtesy car
  • Glass damage repaired on the spot, or replaced at your home or workplace in an emergency 
  • Repairs made in line with state-of-the-art standards and according to manufacturer’s specifications
  • Car cleaned both inside and out
  • Lifelong repair guarantee

Set up an appointment for the repair

As soon as you’ve filed your claim, you will receive an e-mail/text with a link to the claims portal. There you will find a selection of partner repair shops to choose from. The repair shop you select will get in touch with you as soon as possible to set up an appointment.

Note: Depending on your policy, you may be able to have the repairs done at the garage of your choice. Please check your policy in the myAXA customer portal and let us know before you start the repairs.

(But only a Drive-in or an authorized AXA partner repair shop can arrange for the claim payment to be made.)

Garage of your choice for damage to motorcycles or other vehicles

Was your motorcycle or other vehicle, such as a trailer or tractor, damaged in a storm or hailstorm? Report your claim online and make an appointment with the garage of your choice. But please contact us before the repairs are made. 

Important information about filing a claim

  • Change or cancel your Drive-in appointment

    You will receive the inspection date for your vehicle at the Drive-in together with your confirmation by e-mail/text. In exceptional cases, there may be delays. Thank you for your patience if this should occur. If it isn't possible to book a Drive-in appointment, you can choose from various certified AXA partners.

    If you’d like to change or cancel your Drive-in appointment, you can do this in the claims portal. You can find the link you need in the e-mail/text you received. You will receive a new confirmation for your new appointment. You will receive text reminders 7 days, 3 days and 1 day before your Drive-in appointment. If you need to cancel at the last minute, please use the link in your confirmation to book a new appointment.

    Please note:

    • Every time you make a change in the Drive-in customer portal, you receive a confirmation message containing a new link that replaces the previous one.
    • If you don't have an e-mail address or a cellphone number, you'll receive confirmation of your claim and instructions on what to do next by post.
  • Roadside assistance

    If you are not able to drive your vehicle, call us at 0800 809 809 and select the Roadside Assistance option. Or better yet: Use the myAXA app to let us know where you are at the touch of a button. We will organize towing to one of our authorized partner companies or the repair shop of your choice. 

    Download the myAXA app: 

  • Repair or payout

    When you book your Drive-in appointment, you can choose whether to have the damage repaired or the claim amount paid out.

    The claim amount will be calculated at the Drive-in or by the authorized partner company and, if requested, transferred to your account within a few days.

    If you're undecided as to whether a repair or payout makes more sense for you, you can ask for advice at the Drive-in or authorized partner company and decide there.

    It's important to remember that

    • The claim amount can only be paid out if an inspection at the Drive-in or by an authorized partner company has been agreed in advance and the vehicle is not leased.
    • If you want to choose the garage yourself, please contact us or have the garage contact us (garage portal: 0844 844 864) before you have the damage repaired. Please review your insurance coverage in the customer portal if necessary.
  • Total loss

    If you think your vehicle may be a total loss, please get in touch with us. We will organize an inspection with one of our authorized repair shop partners – or have your car towed if it is not longer drivable. 

    Is the vehicle already at the garage of your choice? Then please have the person in charge contact us  via the Garage Portal (0844 844 864) so we can discuss how to proceed. 

  • Courtesy vehicle

    In the following situations, you have the option of using a courtesy vehicle while you are waiting for your vehicle to be repaired:

    • The repair is being done at an authorized partner company. Check to make sure that a courtesy vehicle is available for you when you set up the repair appointment.
    • If you chose the Courtesy Vehicle Service or Loss of Use option when you took out your policy, AXA will pay for your courtesy vehicle, but only up to the amount agreed in your contract.
  • Insurance coverage, bonus protection and deductible

    Hail and storm damage is covered under accidental damage without collision insurance and does not affect your coverage. In other words, your bonus level and premium will not change.

    As for your deductible, the amount you agreed in your policy applies. The easiest thing is to check your insurance policy in the myAXA customer portal.

    You will receive an email with everything you need to know about your insurance coverage in 1 to 2 days after you file your claim online. Please do not hesitate to contact your advisor if you have further questions. All the contact information you need is also on the myAXA customer portal or in your insurance documents.

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