Is your family properly insured?

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Children are the crowning glory of family life – but what insurance protection does a young family need to be as worry-free as possible? Our checklist will guide you.

Those who plan smartly and choose the right insurance provide the right protection for their family. So that your loved ones are best equipped for all situations in life. After the birth of your first child at the latest, the question arises about what the best insurance for the entire family is. To assist you in this, we have put together a checklist for you and your children. Using this list, you can work through the subject point by point to determine which insurance policies make sense for your family. Because issues such as provision for the family, children, and finances should not be put on the back burner – so you can enjoy a care-free family life.

Savings and life insurance

How can you as a family guarantee your financial security if you lose your principal earner?  What provision is available in the event of disability or death of the spouse? These questions are important and should be addressed. A family should also think seriously about what will happen if it comes to the worst – after all, it's part of life. Life insurance is always advisable for both parents, even if just one of them is working. It also covers the costs of childcare and household management. A comprehensive pension solution also makes it easier to save for future education.

You need more space? At the latest on the birth of a child, you want the little one to have their own nest and often simply more space for the whole family. Now is a good time to investigate the real estate market to compare prices and mortgage rates and to consider generally whether it mightn't make more sense to invest in an own home over the longer term than to pay monthly rent for the apartment. It is therefore a good idea to examine financing opportunities as part of Pillar 3a, as this can also be used to repay a mortgage. 

Health insurance

Whether it's the numerous vaccinations or the frequent check-ups for the child – mandatory basic insurance covers all these costs. Ideally, you should conclude this insurance before the birth, but at the latest no longer than three months afterwards. 

Supplementary health insurance

Whether it's an emergency abroad, complementary medicine or correction of misaligned teeth – the costs can be covered through supplementary insurance. Tooth corrections in particular can quickly cost several thousand francs, impacting the family finances. As soon as a tooth misalignment becomes apparent, insurers are often no longer willing to conclude a policy. It is therefore worth registering your child for supplementary insurance at an early stage – protecting the family against future high costs.

Personal liability

And peng! It happens in an instant: Whether it's a colleague's expensive vase that is knocked over during play, or major damage to your own rented apartment - a child is unaware of the impact of its behavior in the early years of life, and unwanted damage can quickly arise. That's why liability insurance is important. An existing policy should be reviewed or a new one taken out. Good to know: If you already have family coverage, the child is included. 

Household contents insurance

A birth usually results in larger purchases such as prams, cots and baby accessories. It is therefore advisable to take out household contents insurance or to raise the coverage under an existing policy to reflect the increased value of the household and avoid becoming underinsured. 

Valuables insurance

Whether it's the valuable pearl necklace from mom, dad's expensive wristwatch, or the unique picture on the wall: Nothing is safe in children's hands, including valuables. Things can easily get broken or damaged. The family's personal valuables should therefore be insured.

Travel insurance

Children can easily put the spanner in the works when it comes to planning a vacation. For example, the baby gets sick and the family can't leave for the long-planned trip. Again, you can plan for the worst. With comprehensive travel protection, in particular cancellation cost insurance, you can save yourself a lot of stress and avoid financial losses.

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