Having the law on your side Legal protection for private individuals

You can rest assured that AXA-ARAG’s experts will assist you with everyday legal disputes, provide advice when you have questions about the law, and help you stand up for your rights.

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Benefits of AXA-ARAG legal protection for private individuals

  • Modular product: You select and pay for what you need.
  • Financial protection in legal cases
  • 140 legal experts are available to assist you

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When will AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance help you?

Whether it’s a car accident, problems at work or faulty goods bought online, you can quickly become involved in a legal dispute through no fault of your own. Our legal protection insurance helps when it comes to answering legal questions and resolving disputes, and it protects you against financial risks. 

Expert legal advice

Do you have a question about the law? Do you want to make sure you’re covered legally if a problem arises? Our experts provide advice on all legal issues and clarify anything you’re unsure about in a legal case. You’ll get an initial assessment based on their experience and then decide together with them how to proceed. 

Flexible insurance coverage

The modular structure means that you can put together your own personal AXA-ARAG insurance coverage that’s geared to your specific needs and offers complete legal protection in all areas and stages of life. Discover the legal protection modules in detail now.

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Examples of legal cases

Canceled flight

Canceled flight

Andi and his partner Nina have booked themselves a dream holiday on the Maldives. But their connecting flight is canceled, and they miss out on a day’s vacation and a night in a luxury hotel. The tour operator claims it’s the airline’s fault. Only after AXA-ARAG gets involved is the tour operator prepared to pay the couple immediate compensation of CHF 2,200.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Processing costs for AXA-ARAG CHF 587,50
  3. Andi and Nina’s deductible CHF 0
  4. Benefits paid by AXA-ARAG CHF 587,50
Termination of employment

Termination of employment

Marc is issued with a regular termination of employment notice by his employer. Once the employment relationship has ended, his former employer refuses to pay out the overtime and holiday leave due to him. He also receives evasive answers whenever he asks about a reference. It is only when AXA-ARAG gets involved that the amounts due are transferred and a positive reference issued.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Marc's deductible CHF 0
  3. Benefits paid by AXA-ARAG CHF 1,188.30
Moving out

Moving out

Isabelle is moving out of her apartment at the end of the month, and she’s worried that her landlady wants to deduct various costs from her deposit for supposed damage. She notifies AXA-ARAG about his concerns online, and a tenancy law expert calls her right away. Thanks to AXA-ARAG’s preventive legal advice, Isabelle now knows exactly what to look out for when handing over the apartment, so she doesn’t have to worry about moving out.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Saving due to defense against tenant damage claim CHF 2,500
  3. Rental deposit repaid CHF 2,400
  4. AXA-ARAG advisory fee CHF 500
  5. Total CHF 5,400

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Support and frequently asked questions

  • Is legal protection insurance mandatory?

    No, legal protection insurance is not mandatory, but it is highly recommended. Unexpected conflicts can arise at any time – whether you are a tenant, employee, road user or patient.

  • When will legal protection insurance help me, and why do I need it?

    Problems with your landlord, a dispute with neighbors or difficulties at work: anyone can find themselves facing a legal dispute, often out of the blue – and costs can quickly mount up. AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance helps you to assert and defend your rights without having to worry about the cost.

  • I have personal liability insurance. Isn’t that enough to cover legal disputes?

    It’s great that you have personal liability insurance. It protects you in cases where you’re at fault, for instance if you damage someone else’s car. However, if someone else has damaged your car, and you want to claim compensation, that’s when you need legal protection insurance. Personal liability and legal protection insurance complement each other perfectly and offer all-round coverage.

  • Does the insurance cover my whole family?

    Yes, if you have named each family member on the policy and they all live at the same address (confirmation of home address required). The family includes:

    • the policyholder
    • the spouse or registered partner
    • the cohabiting partner
    • children
    • lodgers
    • and any other person named on the policy who is registered at the same address
  • How can I take out personal, traffic or Internet legal protection with AXA-ARAG?

    Our modular legal protection insurance for private individuals is designed specifically for your needs and comprises six thematic insurance modules as well as one advisory module. You can choose whichever modules you want and combine them any way you like to create the legal protection you need for your life.

    We recommend the following:

    • For personal legal protection: Home & Everyday and Work modules. This covers you, for example, in legal disputes with your landlord or neighbor, problems with goods bought in shops or online, privacy violations or trouble in the workplace.
    • For traffic legal protection: Mobility & Travel and Health & Personal Insurance modules. This covers you, for example, in legal disputes relating to your car, traffic violations, travel contracts, traffic accidents, and personal injury. It also covers all kinds of disputes with insurers, social security authorities, and pension funds.
    • For combined protection: Home & Everyday, Work, Mobility & Travel, and Health & Personal Insurance modules
    • For Internet legal protection: Home & Everyday module. This covers you, for example, in disputes relating to goods bought online, intellectual property, and privacy violations. It also covers disputes with your landlord, mobile provider, shops, and more besides.
  • What’s the difference between legal advice and legal protection insurance?

    Legal advice is all about answering your questions on legal issues. We look at your case with you, make recommendations for what to do next, and clarify anything you’re unsure about.

    With legal protection insurance, in addition to providing legal advice, we actively support you in the event of a legal dispute by drafting documents, taking legal action, and covering lawyer’s fees and court costs.

  • Would a legal case that’s already ongoing be covered if I take out new legal protection insurance today?

    No, ongoing cases cannot be insured. Legal protection insurance is taken out as a preventive measure. A legal case is covered if the triggering event and need for legal protection occur – and the case is reported – during the insurance term.

  • What can I do if I need help with an ongoing legal case but don’t have legal protection insurance?

    Book a one-time consultation by phone for CHF 69 on myright.ch. Our legal experts will be happy to advise you on your next steps.


  • Is there a waiting or qualifying period?

    No, we don’t impose a waiting period. With our legal protection insurance, you’re covered from day one.

  • Would a legal case that’s already ongoing be covered if I take out new legal protection insurance today?

    No, ongoing cases cannot be insured. Legal protection insurance is taken out as a preventive measure. A legal case is covered if the triggering event and need for legal protection occur – and the case is reported – during the insurance term.

  • How do I report a legal case?

    Contact us as soon as you need legal support.

    • Have your policy number ready, together with all documents that are relevant to the case (e.g. contracts, correspondence, fine notices, summonses, and rulings).
    • Check any documents and rulings for deadlines that may apply (e.g. for appeals).
    • Describe the events and the damage you suffered briefly and fully.
    • Attach any relevant documents such as contracts, correspondence, and rulings if you’re reporting your case online or enclose them with your case details if you’re sending them by post.


    Reporting a case online couldn’t be simpler, and you can do it 24/7.
    Go to the form


    By phone:
    AXAjur – report your case directly to our legal experts: 0848 11 11 00 (Mon. - Fri. 8:00am - 6:00pm)

    By post: 
    AXA-ARAG Legal Protection 
    Affolternstrasse 42 
    P.O. Box 6944 
    8050 Zurich

  • Is legal advice available online?

    Yes, you’ll find a large selection of useful documents and templates on a wide range of topics at www.myright.ch. You can also opt for a one-time consultation and simply pay for it online. When you take out legal protection insurance, legal advice on the insured areas is included. The Legal Advice PLUS module entitles you to three hours of advice on all issues relating to Swiss law.

  • What does Legal Advice PLUS offer?

    Legal Advice PLUS entitles you to  three hours of advice on all issues relating to Swiss law. If you have selected other modules, legal advice on the relevant subjects is insured under the respective module and not counted toward the three hours.

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