Key points at a glance
  • All-round protection: Jewelry and watch insurance protects your favorite pieces worldwide against theft, burglary, loss, or destruction.
  • Optimal supplement to household contents: The insurance protection of this all-risk insurance coverage is much higher than that of household contents insurance – in the event of a claim, you receive the full amount.
  • Flexible coverage: You can also insure a single piece of jewelry or a single watch – in line with your wishes.

Why is it worth taking out insurance for watches and jewelry?

You insure your jewelry and watches with us as part of your valuables insurance. This allows you to benefit from key advantages: 

  • Extra protection for your most precious items
  • Worldwide insurance coverage, including during trips at home and abroad
  • Our insurance covers theft, burglary, robbery, and destruction
  • We also meet the costs if you lose your precious item or accidentally damage it yourself
  • Flexible coverage: You can also insure favorite pieces individually

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I take out watch insurance on its own?

    Yes, that is possible with AXA. You can take out our valuables insurance for watches & jewelry, as well as for musical instruments & art, on a stand-alone basis. You don't have to have household contents insurance with AXA.

  • Is this extra insurance very expensive?

    Our valuables insurance is certainly well worth it for items dear to your heart. For example, insuring one watch worth CHF 5,000 costs just CHF 100 per year (based on the minimum premium).

  • I already have a household contents policy. Why do I need insurance for watches and jewelry on top of that?

    With valuables insurance from AXA, you can ensure the right level of protection for your favorite pieces: Our all-risks insurance provides much higher coverage than household contents insurance. The latter only covers claims for valuables up to CHF 30,000. Damage or loss are not covered at all.

    By contrast, watch and jewelry insurance comprehensively protects your favorite pieces against theft, loss, damage, or destruction – anywhere in the world.

    For example: Burglars break into your house and steal watches and jewelry to a total value of CHF 50,000. Your household contents insurance only provides coverage up to CHF 30,000 for a burglary, so you would suffer a financial loss of CHF 20,000. With additional valuables insurance from AXA, you would receive the full amount in this scenario.

  • Are repairs to watches and jewelry covered?

    We assume the costs of repairing or replacing your valuables if they are lost, damaged, or stolen.

  • Are my favorite pieces covered during trips abroad too?

    Items of jewelry with a combined value of over CHF 100,000 are only insured if they are being worn on the person or kept in a safe (either a vault built into the wall or a safe weighing over 100 kg).

    In hotels, watches and jewelry that are not being worn must always be kept in the hotel safe. 

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