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With life insurance from AXA you can save capital in Pillar 3a or 3b for your old age and to protect your family's financial future.

Saving and investing

The clever combination of capital protection and capital growth using life insurance is the right answer in today's turbulent times. A lot can be achieved for just a small investment.

  • Regular premiums or single premium
  • Attractive returns
  • Guaranteed minimum payout

High earnings opportunities with little or no risk of losses?

With life insurance you can close gaps in your retirement provision and at the same time protect your heirs financially in the event of your death. Today's life insurance policies offer you a high level of participation on the international stock markets with considerably more security for your money.

Reasons for accruing capital with life insurance

  • Guaranteed capital security
  • Low-maintenance and secure capital investment with a good return and low investment risk
  • Dynamic capital accrual
  • Return optimization for existing pension assets
  • Attain private and career goals for purchases, travel or training
  • Planning security during the contract term and guaranteed achievement of the savings goal through exemption from premiums in case of occupational disability
  • Ensures your living standard in retirement
  • Financing for early retirement
  • Beneficiary can be an individual or more than one person of your choice in the same contract
  • Inheritance privilege
  • Debt enforcement and bankruptcy privilege
  • Attractive tax benefits on investment and payout - consistent tax optimization
  • Option to include a lump sum payable on death and an occupational disability pension
  • Indirect mortgage repayment
  • Premium account for flexible payments
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    How much can I expect after I retire?

    How much money will I receive from Pillars 1 and 2? How big is the difference to my current monthly budget? Calculate your income gap with our pension calculator today!

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Savings life insurance

Close gaps in your retirement provision and at the same time protect your heirs financially in the event of your death. Classic life insurance allows you to save capital and to benefit from a rise in the stock market at no risk.

Investment life insurance

Invest your savings to generate a return, benefit from capital protection and simultaneously protect your dependants financially.

Investment certificates with capital protection

Investment product with guaranteed lump sum payment and participation in the investment markets, incl. free custody account management

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    Earnings opportunities

    AXA investment certificate or traditional savings account? Compare the earnings opportunities.

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Certificates currently available

Capital protection 90%
Security no.: 35 327 474, term: 10 years

Capital protection 92.50%
Security no.: 35 327 475, term: 10 years

Fund-linked life insurance

Combine pension coverage with the attractive potential of an investment fund.


Traditional fund-linked life insurance WinLifeFund offers you a wide choice of attractive investment funds and fund portfolios that are recognized as being secure. 

Support and frequently asked questions

  • I would like greater flexibility for payment of my premiums for my private pension. Is there an alternative to paying my premiums by a specific deadline?

    With a premium account at AXA, you can pay in as much and as often as you want. When your pension premium payments become due, the amounts are simply booked directly from your premium account. If your account has insufficient funds, we'll send you a bill for the difference. The premium account is very popular as the interest rate is generally more attractive than the market average.

  • Where's my money safer – in a bank or an insurance company?

    Life insurance companies are required by law to guarantee all liabilities arising from their customers' life insurance contracts. The Swiss Financial Market Supervisory Authority (FINMA) even guarantees payments when a company goes bankrupt. Deposits at a bank are only legally protected up to CHF 100,000.

  • Can I compare the return on a bank investment with the return on a pension product?

    To make a fair comparison, you should take into account: the risk protection, the security of the investments, and the tax situation during the inpayment period and the payout. In the end, pension products often do better than their technical interest rate might suggest. 

  • Can I optimize my tax situation with a private pension plan, and how much can I save?

    Pillar 3a (tied pension) with a bank or an insurance company is supported by the federal government as purpose-defined retirement provision with annual tax savings of up to CHF 2,000. In addition, tax advantages are granted when amounts are paid out. However, only a limited amount can be paid into the plan. New limits are set every two years. Pillar 3b (flexible pension) is not limited, but does not benefit from any tax savings during the term or on payout.

  • What is inheritance privilege?
    • In the event of death, the lump sum payment does not become part of the estate but is paid to the beneficiaries directly and immediately.
    • If heirs who are entitled by law to a portion sue for abatement, the beneficiaries of a policy are eligible for at minimum the difference between the lump sum payment and the surrender value.
    • Beneficial ownership from the insurance remains in effect even if the eligible heir, spouse, registered partner, parent, grandparent, or sibling renounces the inheritance.
  • What is debt enforcement and bankruptcy privilege?
    • If you have a tied pension policy, entitlement to insurance benefits can neither be pledged nor included in the bankrupt estate before the policy matures.
    • If you have a life insurance policy as flexible pension provision and, as policyholder, bankruptcy proceedings are initiated or a loss certificate is issued against you, your life insurance is transferred automatically to your beneficiary spouse or registered partner, or to your eligible children.