STAY FINANCIALLY INDEPENDENT Payment protection insurance

Safeguards living standard in difficult times
Can be combined flexibly
Benefit period up to one year
Key points at a glance
  • Financial independence: Our payment protection insurance guarantees your accustomed living standard with monthly payments if you become unable to work or lose your job through no fault of your own.
  • Coverage of ongoing costs: This insurance will cover your monthly expenses for rent, mortgage, health insurance, leasing arrangements, and more.
  • Can be combined flexibly: You are free to mix and match the modules “Leasing and car subscription,” “Rent and mortgage,” “Health insurance,” and “Other expenses.”

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Payment protection insurance: maintaining living standards in difficult times

Anyone who loses their job or becomes unfit for work faces a sharp fall in income. At the same time, their regular monthly outgoings remain the same. The rent on their apartment, lease payments on their car, as well as subscriptions for public transportation, cell phones, fitness studios, and streaming services, need to be financed on a reduced budget – which can soon become a major headache.

Payment protection insurance covers you for these monthly outgoings. Payment protection insurance (PPI) from AXA will cover your regular outgoings for up to one year. Thanks to the monthly contributions from AXA, your accustomed standard of living is guaranteed in tough times too. This lets you to retain your financial flexibility and concentrate fully on your future.

Payment protection insurance – simply explained (Video in German)

Optimum protection & individual coverage

Payment protection insurance comprises four modules that can be taken out individually or combined as required:

  1. Leasing and car subscription: Insure the monthly leasing installment for your motor vehicle or the cost of a car subscription. The premium for a monthly leasing installment of CHF 390 is around CHF 17 per month.
  2. Rent and mortgage: Insure the outgoings for your monthly rent including ancillary costs or mortgage installment including amortization.
  3. Health insurance: Insure the premiums for your supplementary health insurance – as an individual or as a family.
  4. Other expenses: Insure a monthly flat-rate amount for various recurring expenses such as subscriptions for public transportation, cell phones, fitness studios, magazines, and streaming services.

Examples of claims for car leasing and rent & mortgage

Car leasing

Car leasing

Thomas took out a leasing contract for his new car six months ago. The monthly leasing installment is CHF 850. Due to a reorganization, he loses his job.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Monthly leasing installment CHF 850
  3. Duration of unemployment: 10 months
  4. Waiting period: 2 months
  5. Benefit period: 8 months
  6. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 6,800
Rent & mortgage

Rent & mortgage

Manuela and her partner Mark live in an apartment which they rent at a cost of CHF 2,000 per month. As Mark is currently studying full-time, Manuela pays the entire rent. After a serious skiing accident, she is unable to work for a significant period and no longer receives her full salary.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Rent per month CHF 2,000
  3. Insured: 50% of the monthly rent
  4. Duration of incapacity for work: 6 months
  5. Waiting period: 2 months
  6. Benefit period: 4 months
  7. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 4,000

Examples of claims for supplementary health insurance and other outgoings

Supplementary health insurance

Supplementary health insurance

Jonas pays CHF 750 per month in premiums for supplementary health insurance for his family of four. Due to a restructuring, the production plant where Jonas works is closed and he is made redundant.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Monthly health insurance premium CHF 750
  3. Duration of unemployment: 9 months
  4. Waiting period: 2 months
  5. Benefit period: 7 months
  6. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 5,250
Other outgoings

Other outgoings

Following an operation, Lena is unable to work for several months. She has various subscriptions for her cell phone, fitness studio, public transportation, and streaming services. She also wants to go on using them during her recuperation.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Monthly cost of subscriptions CHF 400
  3. Duration of incapacity for work: 6 months
  4. Waiting period: 2 months
  5. Benefit period: 4 months
  6. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 1,600

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