Hail damage? Storm damage?

Damage caused by tenant

Did the washbasin in your bathroom get broken? Will your former landlord make you pay for various items of damage when you move out? Find out here what you need to look out for, as well as what information and documents we need in order to process your claim.

Damage during the lease term or when moving home

  • What information and documentation is important for claims handling?
    • What was damaged?
    • How did the damage occur (origin of loss)?
    • Photos of the damage
    • Age of the damaged item
    • Name and address of landlord/property manager
    • Unpaid invoices  from the landlord/ property manager for your share of the costs, including copy of the tradesperson's invoice, if available. 
      Please note: If you pay the invoice, you are accepting the claim for payment that is being asserted – even if it's too high or unjustified. 

    If the required information and documentation is not yet complete when making your insurance claim, you can send them to us later. This applies in particular to the unpaid invoice for your share of the costs. 


  • Who arranges for the repairs?

    Do not commission any tradespersons directly. That's the responsibility of the landlord/ property manager. Otherwise you will be liable to pay. This also applies to any costs that the landlord /property manager would have to cover.

  • What costs are you liable for as the tenant (renter)? (present value)

    You can only be held liable for the present value of the damaged item – meaning the actual financial value of the item immediately prior to the loss/damage. It is therefore important to know how old the item is.

    Example: "Your child has drawn on the living room wall"

    Lifespan of wall paint: 8 years / last decorated when you moved in 4 years ago

    • Decorator's bill: CHF 800
    • 4/8 depreciation: CHF 400
    • Your share:  CHF 400 (8-year lifespan less 4 years since last decorated)

    The depreciation represents the age-related deduction – the annual reduction in value of an item – and is included in the rent. The landlord/property manager must pay the age deduction and cannot charge you for it. 

  • Who pays which costs? What is insured? (insurance cover)


    In principle, we pay the costs of all accidental or unforeseen damage/loss. 

    However, not all damage or defects identified when moving out of your home are insured. For example, the following items are excluded: 

    • Damage due to wear and tear
    • Nicotine stains
    • Picture holes
    • Cost of restoring to original condition, e.g. where walls painted in color by the tenant themselves
    • Damage that occurred gradually, e.g. mold

    Where such damage exists, the landlord/ property manager will send you a bill stating your share of the costs, if applicable. 

    You'll find specific information about your insurance cover at any time in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC) – the easiest way to do this is in the myAXA customer portal. 

    Other AXA benefits in the case of insured damage: 

    • On request, we will negotiate with your landlord/property manager or other claimants.
    • We will defend you against any unjustified claims. 

    Landlord/property manager

    Costs resulting from normal usage – that is, wear and tear – must be paid by the landlord/property manager. Typical damage due to wear and tear includes changes in the shade of painted walls as a result of the hanging of pictures or placing of items of furniture in front of walls. The resulting costs are already included in the rent.

  • What do you need to consider when moving out/checking the handover record?
    • The handover record only lists defects. Do not accept any arrangements that involve paying costs – whether fixed amounts or a percentage share. 
    • If you do not fully agree with a comment or a specified defect, write down your objections.
    • You should only sign the handover record if you accept the damage/defects listed. The handover record is binding – do not sign if you are in any doubt. 

Examples of damage/loss

Damaged external blinds

Damaged external blinds

When lowering his external window blinds, Norbert forgets he has left a chair on the terrace. The blinds hit the chair and become damaged. The blinds on the entire building were replaced 10 years ago. What does Norbert need to pay? In the case of a repair? If the blinds need to be replaced? And what does AXA pay?

  1. Breakdown of costs / repair
  2. Repair costs CHF 500
  3. Deductible (Norbert) CHF 200
  4. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 300
  5. Breakdown of costs / replacement
  6. Replacement of blinds CHF 2,500
  7. Less depreciation* (landlord) CHF 1,000
  8. Deductible (Norbert) CHF 200
  9. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 1,300
  10. *Lifespan: 25 years / age: 10 years / present value 15/25
Damage to wood flooring

Damage to wood flooring

The Meier family are moving out of their apartment at the end of a 5-year lease. Their two children have damaged the wood flooring "here and there" while playing. Before they moved in, the wood flooring had been sanded down and resealed. The damage meant this needed to be done again after they moved out. What costs do the Meier family pay – and what does AXA pay?

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. Sanding/sealing wood flooring CHF 5,000
  3. Less depreciation* (landlord) CHF 2,500
  4. Deductible (Meier family) CHF 200
  5. Compensation paid by AXA CHF 2,300
  6. *Lifespan: 10 years (surface) / age of floor sealing: 5 years / present value 50%

Help and procedure in the event of new damage caused by the tenant

Always notify your landlord / property manager in the first instance. Talk with them about how to proceed.

Then submit your claim to us – the easiest way is via the myAXA customer portal or by using the online claims form.

In an emergency, call us at 0800 809 809. We will help you quickly and efficiently – for example if you require a locksmith or sanitary systems technician in the middle of the night.

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