Anna's and Luca's approach: Anticipate risks

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Why should all relationships look the same? Anna and Luca don't entertain such ideas. Their shared passion is canyoning – a risky sport, in which it is important to be able to rely on your partner.

The biggest risk with canyoning is that the water in a ravine can rise significantly with a change in the weather - sometimes in just a few minutes. And that's very dangerous for someone who's inexperienced. After all, turning back is barely possible in most cases.

With good preparation, the risks are manageable

A prerequisite for Anna's and Luca's extensive tours is not only that they are physically fit. They also need to be able to assess the risks of weather and snow melt and, in case of doubt, protect each other. But they can each fully rely on the other. After all, they have been traversing mountains and gorges together for more than 18 years and have published a book which has brought them some recognition in the scene.

Free without children, but with marriage certificate

Anna and Luca have no children – a conscious decision to stay independent. Nonetheless, the two were quick to get married 14 years ago. But they can well understand why other couples decide against a marriage certificate. Professionally, both have secure careers, Luca as an engineer and Anna as an architect. And what do they say about their sport?: Vision and clear risk assessment are important if you want to go your own way. For a couple to protect their common future, marriage is no longer a necessity. But you do need to take a few decisions because certain legal safeguards that protect the married partner do not apply to unmarried partners.

Here is some important information about protection for cohabiting couples:

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