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Wait, look, listen, go: Safety on the way to school

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Does your child want to walk to school alone or with a friend? Great! So that you'll feel comfortable about this and can be sure that everything will be fine, we have produced a checklist for walking to school. Let's get started.

  • Make sure your child is wearing clothing that is as bright and contrasting as possible. Reflecting elements (e.g. in the backpack) improve visibility.
  • Explain the rules and the dangers of road traffic to your child. With an illustrated book, the "Max Leiterlispiel" or the app "Din Schuelweg" (Your Way to School), you can playfully teach the subject to your little one.
  • Be sure to have your child explain the rules and the dangers back to you afterward. 

Parents set an example

  • Walk the route to school together many times. Explain to your child how to behave and point out possible dangers.
  • Choose the safest way to school, not the shortest.
  • Set a good example: Wait on the sidewalk if the crossing signal is orange.

Choose the safest way to school, not the shortest

  • Make it clear to your child that the street is not the place for playing and running.
  • Don't ever force right of way. Wait until you've made eye contact with the driver and the car has come to a complete halt.
  • Have your child walk on the part of the sidewalk that is farthest away from the traffic. This makes it safer in case of a fall or a moment of inattention.

"Wait, look, listen, go"

  • Don't drive your child to school. The sooner children can independently master this exciting part of "life's journey" and experience things for themselves, the better.
  • The experts agree: It's important that children get to know the challenges of road traffic at an early age and learn to be safe.
  • Proven phrases in this regard are "Wait, look, listen, then go" and "Wheel stops, child goes."

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