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Safely under way on Switzerland's most spectacular motorcycle routes

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On the road with Danny Schneider, former motocross driver and one of the world's best vintage motorcycle manufacturers.

Editor's note

Crossing Switzerland by motorcycle: In the next few months I'll be revealing my personal favorites as well as insider tips about the motorcycle routes in Switzerland as well as giving tips on safety.

I've already ridden my motorcycle all over the world, but Switzerland is and remains the most attractive country for me to ride a motorcycle. The various passes, routes crossing the countryside and alongside lakes, nature, and the good quality of the roads turn every trip into an experience. 

Part 1: The Gurnigel - "My ​local mountain"

​As I live in Bern, the short route over the Gurnigel is, for me, the most attractive pass in the region. It's also worth getting my motorbike out of the garage after work to ride over the pass. It's just 15 minutes from the capital city and provides bikers with very good training in negotiating steep bends, complemented by super views and a fine cheese platter on top of the pass (about 45 minutes from Bern). Even on these short trips, it is important to check the motorbike properly, just as you should before every ride, in order to guarantee safety. And if something does happen, I have all-round protection with AXA's motorcycle insurance.​

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What to check before every motorbike tour:

  • Tire pressure: This should be between 1.8-2.5 bar (depending on whether you are on a racetrack or a normal road)
    The information is available on the tire itself .
  • The front and rear brakes: The braking function   can be easily checked by jerking the motorbike while standing. You should then feel resistance with the brake on.
  • Chain/belt tension – should not be too loose or too tight
  • Gasoline display 
  • All the important screws should be tightened

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