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How to increase the range of electric vehicles

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The energy consumption of electric vehicles is affected by a number of factors. The tips from EcoDrive show how their range can be increased by 10-15% and how the costs can be reduced.

Save energy and go further

In the purchase decision for an electric vehicle, the topics of energy efficiency and the associated environmental protection often play a leading role. So that these important aspects do not lose out in everyday vehicle use, EcoDrive, the Alliance for clever driving, has assembled some practical tips for electric car drivers:

  1. Tire pressure up: The correct tires and sufficient air pressure help save energy and boost safety. The rule of thumb for tire pressure: A monthly check and up to 0.5 bar more than specified. 
  2. Out with ballast: The lighter the car, the less energy it consumes.  
  3. Cool down: Only use the air-conditioning when the outside temperature reaches 18°C. Cool the vehicle shortly before departure to increase its range. The same applies for the heating in the winter months. The seat heating can also serve as an alternative.
  4. Use cruise control: Smooth driving means energy saving. The classic or adaptive cruise control makes it easy. Also in town. 
  5. Choose wisely: Select the ideal driving mode for the route – the accelerator then regulates regeneration (energy recovery) and acceleration optimally. 
  6. Keep an eye on the road ahead: Look ahead as you drive, stay calm, and keep your distance. React early before intersections, stops or obstacles, and if necessary, react first with regeneration, and then with normal brake deceleration.
  7. Gently uphill, carefully downhill: Also drive smoothly uphill and accelerate gently. Use downhill regeneration for speed control and energy generation. 

Applying energy saving tips - it's easy:

Committed driving

In cooperation with Energy Switzerland, AXA - as main partner of the ENERGY CHALLENGE - is setting a strong signal for renewable energy. As the leading Swiss insurer, AXA sees it as a core task to meet its responsibility toward the environment and actively draw attention to the relevance of the topic. Therefore, the focus of AXA's corporate responsibility lies on the topic of "Future Energy" until 2020 as it demonstrates its commitment through environmentally friendly initiatives.

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