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DrivePartner: smart and safe on the road

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Do you want to get assistance automatically in an emergency, or to benefit from other smart services that can make your everyday mobility easier or safer? The solution is DrivePartner: the new offering from AXA that makes driving safer, more comfortable and smarter. 

Daniel Meier, our Head of Mobility Insurance, answers key questions about DrivePartner.

What is DrivePartner and how does it work?

DrivePartner is based on interaction between an intelligent connector and a smart app. The connector records various data relating to the vehicle, distances driven and driving behavior. The OBD2 connector takes next to no time to connect your car to your smartphone so that the recorded data is visualized in the app. Thanks to DrivePartner, your vehicle becomes a SmartCar. 

Which smart functions does DrivePartner include?

DrivePartner offers a variety of functions that can make your everyday mobility easier or safer. Currently, these are:

  • Crash Recorder, to prove your innocence in an accident
  • Roadside assistance function
  • Onboard computer for the car in your cellphone (provides information about error codes and the state of the car battery, fuel level, fuel consumption, various analyses of maintenance costs, and much more.)
  • Logbook function to simplify expenses claims
  • GPS tracker (always know – and let others know – where you are located and where the car is parked)
  • Drive with foresight – and receive vouchers
  • Automatic emergency call after an accident (additional service)

Further useful or safety-enhancing services will be continuously added to these functions in the future.

How exactly will DrivePartner assist me in case of an accident?

DrivePartner supports communication with AXA in case of a claim or a breakdown. And thanks to the Crash Recorder function, the question of who was at fault can be clarified very quickly.

If the "Automatic emergency call" function has been activated and DrivePartner registers a serious accident, we will immediately make telephone contact to assist the accident victim. If we are unable to make contact, an ambulance will be dispatched within minutes in the worst-case scenario.

With DrivePartner, we aim to do even more to promote awareness of safe driving.

Daniel Meier, Head of Mobility Insurance

Why is AXA backing DrivePartner?

As Switzerland's largest car insurer, we see our commitment to safety in road traffic as part of our social responsibility. We are the only Swiss insurer to operate a dedicated department that focuses on accident research and prevention. DrivePartner is another piece in this jigsaw, and it also rewards our customers with vouchers to honor safe driving behavior.

With DrivePartner, we aim to do even more to promote awareness of safe driving, and also to be more than just an insurer for our customers in everyday mobility situations. Our current DrivePartner offering is the first step, but in the future we will be continuously adding further useful or safety-enhancing services.

Can every car really become a SmartCar?

As a rough rule of thumb: gasoline-powered vehicles must not have been manufactured before 2001 and diesel vehicles must not have been manufactured before 2003. For example, only a few quick steps are needed to turn a 15-year-old car into a SmartCar. You can quickly check online where the connector must be installed in your car. But essentially, DrivePartner functions in the same way in every car.

Another important question: what about data privacy?

Both AXA and our partner ryd suisse accord high priority to data privacy. Our treatment of customer data is compliant with both the Swiss and German Federal Acts on Data Protection. All driving data is transmitted to ryd's servers in Munich in encrypted form. Customers can see this data in the app. At AXA, however, we only obtain data that we need in order to provide services, and we show this to our customers very transparently. For the Crash Recorder functionality, for example, we obtain acceleration data for 30 seconds during an accident. On the other hand, we do not collect data on journeys or driving behavior. 

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    Daniel Meier

    Head of Mobility Insurance at AXA. His team handles the design and ongoing development of products and offerings such as DrivePartner.

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