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Alejandro Reyes: his journey through the world of music

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What are the biggest obstacles to producing an album, what is the best thing about it, and where do I get the inspiration for my songs? In this blog I will take you on a journey from composing to realizing my new album.

As a singer and songwriter I am constantly inventing new melodies and lyrics. The melodies haunt my head, I write them down on whatever's available at that moment, new ideas come to me every day. It all happens automatically. I get inspiration for my songs directly from real life and the feelings it generates in me. My songs are always stories from my own life. I think that's why people react so strongly to them. They sense my authenticity. I find that incredibly beautiful because I want to express my feelings with my songs and touch other people's emotions. You should interpret a song yourself or simply feel the song and the rhythm with me.

"Chords can express grief or happiness, and the words must fit exactly. That's never easy."

Alejandro Reyes

Musically it is sometimes difficult to link the right chord with the right word. Chords can express grief or happiness, and the words must fit exactly. That's never easy. For a songwriter, it can be easy to accept that some songs are good and some are less good. Apart from my own feelings and views, there are many factors that contribute to the success of an album. It is not always easy to make a selection from the songs. This time I am publishing an album, which doesn't have many songs. It's my goal to produce a mini-album with 5 or 6 hits by the end of the year. That's why I'll be concentrating fully on my music and using everything that happens around me and in my life for my song lyrics.

Seeking inspiration as he travels through Switzerland

In the next few months I will be traveling around Switzerland, meeting new people, forging new relationships, and trying new things. This is a source of inspiration for me. No matter where I am, as soon as the inspiration comes, I turn to songwriting. Since AXA is taking care of my musical material, I can concentrate fully on my songs. I am curious to see what awaits me. #mywaywithaxa

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