Will my health insurance pay for my child's sports club membership?

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Blog series “Your questions – our answers”: Exercise is important for children’s development. Sports clubs are a particularly good resource for activities that will benefit your sons and daughters. Unfortunately, they are generally quite expensive. Our AXA expert explains what kinds of insurance will help you cover the costs.

Children and young people need plenty of exercise to ensure healthy physical and mental development. Some form of exercise should therefore always be part of their day-to-day life. Sports clubs bring children into contact with a wide range of sports such as judo, gymnastics, or soccer that give them regular physical activity and also lay the foundation for continuing to enjoy exercise in adult life. However, families have to dig deep in their pockets to pay the membership fee.

It’s certainly worth taking out additional insurance for your children.

While basic health insurance does not include contributions to club membership because the benefits it provides are prescribed by law and do not change from provider to provider, certain supplementary insurance packages do. AXA is one of the companies that provides such supplementary insurance. If you take out supplementary health insurance with us, we will contribute to the cost of club membership. AXA contributes to the cost of all Olympic disciplines, membership of floorball, orienteering, and similar clubs, and sports that will become Olympic disciplines in 2020, such as karate or surfing. We also cover the cost of swimming subscriptions and exercise classes.

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Conditions governing cost contributions

AXA will only contribute to the cost of sports club membership if certain conditions are met. These are: Your child must be an active member of a sports club, and that sports club must be affiliated to the relevant Swiss association. It is also important that the bill for club membership is issued during the period covered by the insurance. For instance, if you are insured from January 1, 2019, you cannot submit your September 2018 club invoice; however, you can submit your September 2019 invoice.

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