How much will your health insurance pay your sports club?

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Exercise is hugely important for our physical and mental health, so sport should be an integral part of our daily lives. Whether we prefer judo, gymnastics, or football, clubs give us access to all kinds of sports and keep us fit.

In Switzerland, club sports are almost part of our cultural heritage. There are around 19,000 sports clubs with some two million active members. They are places where old and young can meet, play sports, chat, and enjoy each other’s company. Fees for membership and courses can cost quite a lot of money, though. So what does all this have to do with your insurance provider?

Supplementary health insurance pays off

Basic health insurance does not include contributions to club fees because the benefits it provides are prescribed by law and do not change from provider to provider. But some supplementary insurance does. AXA is one of the companies that provides such supplementary insurance. If you take out supplementary health insurance with us, we will contribute to the cost. AXA supports active membership of a sports club for sports contested at the Olympic Games. Unihockey and orienteering are also supported, as are disciplines that debuted at the Olympics in 2021, such as karate and surfing.

Conditions governing cost contributions

AXA will only contribute to the cost of sports club membership if certain conditions are met. These are: You must be an active member of a sports club, and that sports club must be affiliated to the relevant Swiss association. It is also important that the bill for club membership is issued during the period covered by the insurance. For instance, if you are insured from January 1, 2019, you cannot submit your September 2018 club invoice; however, you can submit your September 2019 invoice.

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