For more safety and comfort DrivePartner: Your vehicle assistant

Fast help in emergencies
15% premium discount for drivers between 18 and 25
Drive with foresight and receive vouchers
Calculate your premium and order DrivePartner

You need help in an emergency or want to share the location of your vehicle? The free DrivePartner app will help you at any time thanks to its smart driving-related functions that are being expanded continuously. While driving with foresight, you also collect points and benefit from attractive vouchers.

Purchase advice: 052 244 86 00

Smart functions for every car

Developed in collaboration with our partner ryd suisse AG, the DrivePartner is your daily companion, around the clock wherever you are. The DrivePartner consists of the ryd box and the ryd app. 

The ryd box is connected directly to your vehicle and never needs maintenance. It’s a lot like a USB stick. And with the ryd app you can use the smart functions.

DrivePartner at a glance

  • 15 percent discount on car insurance premiums for young drivers aged 18 to 25
  •   Automatic emergency call (chargeable); AXA will contact you by phone if a collision is registered. Depending on the force of the impact, an ambulance will be called
  • Crash Recorder; prove your innocence in an accident
  • Roadside assistance; contact AXA direct via the app, optional transmission of location
  • Dashboard computer in your cellphone; indicates error codes and the condition of your car battery, tank level, gas consumption, various maintenance cost assessments, and much more
  • Think ahead while driving and earn vouchers; redeemable directly via the app.
  • GPS tracker; always know and let others know where you are located and where the car is parked
  • Thanks to collaboration with Easypark - easily start or end a parking session with your smartphone and only pay for your actual parking duration.

Three steps to the DrivePartner

  • 1

    Take out car insurance from AXA and order the DrivePartner.

  • 2

    You'll receive the DrivePartner, including the simple d-i-y installation instructions, from ryd suisse AG in the post. Download the ryd app.

  • 3

    Plug the DrivePartner into the service interface (OBD2) in your car (see the diagram). And you're ready to go!

Support and frequently asked questions

  • Does AXA have access to the DrivePartner data?

    No. AXA does not have access to the data recorded by the ryd box. These are on the ryd server - safely encrypted and protected. AXA only receives data from ryd suisse AG under three exceptional scenarios:

    ·       AXA is notified if the ryd box is not plugged into the vehicle

    ·       If the customer is involved in an accident, AXA receives the accident data.

    ·       Data that the customer actively shares in the app with AXA such as vehicle location in case of a breakdown.

    If you use services of third-party providers within the app, AXA gains access to the data you have actively released. This data can be used to help develop our offers and to inform you about relevant and attractive offers relating to mobility.


    What data is recorded in case of an accident?

    Data is recorded from 20 seconds before until 10 seconds after an accident. The following accident data is saved:

    ·       Date and time of collision

    ·       Acceleration and braking data

    ·       GPS data: Location and vehicle speed

    ·       Vehicle data from the OBD interface: Vehicle speed, engine revolutions, mileage, vehicle chassis number, battery voltage.

    The recorded accident data is transmitted as an encrypted data package via the integrated SIM card to the ryd server. Only employees of AXA can access and evaluate the accident data on the ryd server with its multi-layered protection.

  • Who do I contact if I have questions?

    Do you have questions about the ryd box or ryd app?

    Then contact our partner ryd suisse AG directly by email at or read through the FAQ. ryd suisse AG can be reached at +41 52 525 82 80 Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm.

    Do you have questions about your car insurance?

    All you need to do is contact your AXA advisor directly or call0800 800 501.

  • Who installs the ryd box?

    You can simply plug the ryd box into your vehicle's service interface (OBD2) yourself. In certain vehicles, the installation is only possible using a cable since the installation location is in an unfortunate position in the vehicle. In such cases, DESA will carry out the installation so that we can be sure the ryd box functions reliably. The ryd box delivery includes information as to whether you can install the box yourself or whether DESA will carry out the installation. Installation by DESA takes about 20-30 minutes.

    If you have any questions, our partner ryd suisse AG will be happy to help: 



    Tel.: +41 52 525 82 80 (Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm)

  • What is the DrivePartner?

    The free DrivePartner is based on the ryd suisse AG range and consists of the ryd box (hardware) and the ryd app (software). This offer has been developed exclusively for AXA.

    Once plugged into the vehicle, the ryd box records various vehicle data, the routes driven, as well as driver behavior. All of this information is clearly displayed in the ryd app in your smartphone together with lots of additional useful driving information and functions. Regardless of where you are.

    You'll find additional information at

  • How can I get the DrivePartner?

    In order to benefit from the free offer of a DrivePartner, you must include the DrivePartner in your car insurance contract with AXA. All you need to do is contact your AXA advisor or call: 0800 800 501.

    If you don't yet have a car insurance policy with AXA, you can include the DrivePartner directly when taking out your AXA policy. Just call us at 0800 800 501 or take out your policy directly online.

  • Where in the vehicle do I plug in the ryd box?

    The ryd box is a small plug that is attached to the service interface (OBD2) of the vehicle. This interface is in the driver section of the vehicle, usually in the lower part of the dashboard. Below is a diagram showing the possible locations of this interface:

    Are you unable to find the interface in your vehicle ?

    Then enter your vehicle model  here and the exact location of the interface will be shown - or read through the FAQ.


    If you have any questions, our partner ryd suisse AG will be happy to help: 


    Tel.: +41 52 525 82 80 (Mon. - Fri. 9:00am - 6:00pm)

  • What information does the DrivePartner record?

    The DrivePartner records the following information via the ryd box using GPS, acceleration sensors, and via the OBD2 interface:

    ·       GPS position

    ·       Acceleration values

    ·       Date & time

    ·       Operating status and functionality of the ryd box

    ·       Vehicle data, especially regarding the state of the vehicle

    ·       Driving information such as route driven and speed

    The data is recorded by the ryd box and then automatically transmitted to the ryd server in encrypted form via an integrated SIM card. The customer can display the prepared data in the ryd app. The data is not stored in the ryd box, but is continuously overwritten. The ryd server is located in Munich. It is operated by ThinxNet GmbH, a group company associated with ryd suisse, on behalf of ryd suisse AG.

  • What do I have to do if I no longer want to benefit from the DrivePartner offer?

    If you no longer want to use the DrivePartner, it must be excluded from your AXA car insurance contract. All you need to do is contact your AXA advisor or call: 0800 800 501.

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