All-round protection against Internet threats Personal Cyber Plus insurance

Online shopping, social media posts, e-banking: just how safe are you in the digital world? The various modules of our Cyber Plus insurance provide you and your children with all-round protection against the various online risks and the financial damage they can cause.


Benefits of AXA Cyber Plus insurance 

  • Modular product: you choose and pay for what you need
  • Cyber prevention services: monitoring and threat warnings
  • Comprehensive insurance protection: legal protection combined with financial benefits

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How do I protect myself and my children against threats on the Internet?

Whether hackers have stolen your customer or account information, you’ve ordered goods from a fake online shop or your child has been the victim of cyberbullying, our experts are there for you. They’ll work out how to help you and your family browse, shop, and use social media safely. 

Exclusive cyber prevention services

AXA’s personal cyber insurance doesn’t just insure you against losses, it also offers prevention services. AXA customers benefit from our cooperation with Silenccio, an innovative Swiss start-up offering an online service that identifies and filters out negative posts and hateful comments on social media and reports them to you.

On request, Silenccio can intervene, send the offending poster a warning, and act immediately to have what they have written deleted. In the event of a lawsuit for defamation or violation of legal personality rights, AXA-ARAG covers your lawyer’s fees and court costs.

Silenccio also monitors e-mails and phishing scams and offers a browser extension for shopping sites.

Press “Play” on our personal Cyber insurance

Modular all-round protection

Our insurance comprises four modules, each of which can be taken out on its own. Regardless of which module or modules you choose, the cyber  insurance for individuals offers all-round protection against online threats through a combination of AXA insurance coverage, AXA-ARAG legal protection, and Silenccio’s online services. 

Choose between the following modules: 

  • Online Accounts & Credit Cards: AXA Cyber insurance helps when your personal, account or credit card details are stolen or misused.
  • Cyberbullying & Copyrights: We’re here to help if your copyrights have been violated on the Internet or if you’re being cyberbullied.
  • Online Shopping: AXA personal Cyber insurance takes the worry out of online shopping by protecting you against financial losses caused by Internet fraudsters and dubious online shops.
  • Data Recovery, Virus Removal & IT Assistance: We offer professional assistance with data recovery, virus removal, technical faults, and other support issues relating to electronic devices like computers.

Attractive premium discount

Select several AXA Cyber insurance modules to benefit from an attractive premium discount.

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Cases covered by personal Cyber insurance

AXA Cyber Plus insurance can be tailored precisely to your needs – you only choose and pay for what you really need. Phishing, data recovery, cyberbullying: read about the types of case where we can help you.

Case studies: Online Accounts & Credit Cards

1.       Hacker attack

Cybercriminals have hacked Oliver Meier’s credit card information and booked a vacation costing CHF 5,000.

  • AXA-ARAG takes action against them and asserts a claim to have Oliver’s e-banking account restored.
  • The AXA insurance covers the CHF 5,000 loss resulting from the card misuse.


2.       Data theft

Five million customer accounts of an online retailer, including e-mail addresses, have been leaked. The hackers acted fast and have already used Carina Maurizio’s account to order goods.

  • Silenccio informs Carina that her e-mail address is among those that were leaked and advises her to change her password. It also helps her contact the online retailer and get the fraudulent orders canceled.
  • AXA-ARAG assists Carina in asserting her claims against the perpetrators and the online retalier.
  • AXA covers the remaining financial loss.


3.       ID for sale on Darknet

Mark Bändli has sent several scanned copies of his ID card via e-mail over the past few years, for example when requesting an extract from the Criminal Register. Now his e-mail account has been hacked. Not long after it happened, his ID was offered for sale on the Darknet and used to carry out a transaction in Mark’s name, for which Mark is now liable.

  • Silenccio informs Mark that his e-mail account was hacked and advises him to change his password.
  • AXA-ARAG helps him assert his claims against the hacker.
  • AXA covers the cost of the transaction carried out in Mark’s name.

Case studies: Cyberbullying & Copyrights

1.       Copyright violation

Peter and Tobias are photographed having fun and holding a beer at a festival. The picture is used without permission in connection with an article about binge drinking among young people on After colleagues tell Peter and Tobias about the article, the two men want their photo removed.

  • Silenccio asks 20 Minutes to delete it from the article, but it fails to do so.
  • AXA-ARAG takes legal action against the publisher.


2.       Cyberbullying

Anouk Berger, a student, is bullied on Instagram because of her appearance. Several users post insulting personal comments under one of her pictures.

  • Silenccio, which operates the online monitoring service, informs Anouk about the bullies’ comments.
  • She decides to let Silenccio help her do something about them. Silenccio sends a warning to the people who posted the insults and asks them to delete their comments.
  • This doesn’t happen, so AXA-ARAG initiates legal action against the cyberbullies and threatens to take them to court.

Case studies: Online Shopping

1.       Exchange refused

Anna Bertschinger orders a PlayStation 4 but receives a PlayStation 3. The online shop refuses to exchange it, insisting that it delivered the right console.

  • Anna starts by reporting the problem to Silenccio. The online service contacts the shop on her behalf to try and solve the problem without resorting to legal action, but it doesn’t respond.
  • AXA-ARAG takes legal action against the shop to assert Anna’s claims, but it can no longer be found. Anna appears to have fallen victim to a fake shop.
  • AXA takes the wrong console off her hands and refunds the price she paid for it.


2.       Monitoring

Cédric Müller, who has signed up with Silenccio and uses its browser extension, is looking for a very specific pair of sneakers online.

  • The browser extension identifies a particular website as unsafe and advises Cédric not to order anything from it.
  • Cédric leaves the site and orders his sneakers from one that’s identified as safe.

Case study: Data Recovery, Virus Removal & IT Assistance

Virus attack

Sabine Meier’s computer is corrupted by a virus that deletes her files and e-mail program.

AXA covers the cost of an expert who

  • removes the virus
  • recovers the data
  • reinstalls the e-mail program
  • helps Sabine back up her data

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