Building insurance

As a house and landowner, you bear considerable financial risks: You pay for any damage to your house. And you are liable if third parties suffer any harm while on your property. Let AXA assume these risks and enjoy your residential property free of worries.

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Advantages of AXA's building insurance

  • In the event of water damage, help will be available within four hours.
  • Conversions and renovations are insured up to CHF 100,000
  • Solar energy systems and geothermal heat probes can be insured

Insure building risks optimally

Protect yourself from financial building risks with AXA's various insurance products. Whether fire, water, earthquake, or burglary: Put together your own optimal building insurance with AXA's modules.

Building property insurance

Building property insurance includes various insurance modules. Choose the right ones for your property:

  • Fire insurance including damage from natural forces
    In almost every Swiss canton, you are obligated to insure your house against fire and damage from natural forces such as high water, hail or rockfall. 
    Good to know:
    • Loss of rental income: Tenants are not required to pay rent for rooms or houses that have been damaged by a loss event. You can insure yourself against these financial losses.
    • Extra costs for replacement home: For owner-occupied residential property, a loss event results in extra costs for renting a replacement home. You can include this risk in your insurance.

  • Water insurance
    Water damage can occur quickly. Whether it's a waterpipe fracture or frost in the waterpipes – potential damage from water is high-risk. Protect yourself against this. In an emergency AXA will organize a building dehumidification specialist within four hours.

Further building property insurance options

  • Minor renovations: For conversions to your own home, up to CHF 100,000 insurance against building damage.
  • Glass breakage insurance: Damage to glass on buildings, e.g. window panes.
  • Burglary insurance: Damage to building, cost of changing the locks, etc.
  • Building technology failure: Solar energy systems, heat pumps, etc.
  • Earthquake insurance: Most buildings in Switzerland are not insured against earthquake damage. Be sure to close this gap.
  • Damage to the surroundings: damage incurred outside of the insured building, such as to paths, stairs, garden sheds.

Building liability insurance

The law states clearly when you as house and landowner are liable for loss/damage. Such loss/damage arises in the main due to construction faults or insufficient maintenance. Let's say you forget to de-ice the front of the house with salt; you are then liable for any loss event. Any such claims for damages from third parties are covered by AXA's liability insurance, which rejects any unsubstantiated claims.

The insurance covers

  • Loose roof tiles
  • Black ice on paths and in front of houses
  • Unsecured shafts and holes
  • Swimming pools and garden ponds
  • Sliding carpets
  • Damaged stairs
  • Children's playgrounds

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