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More protection for your home

Home Protection

More protection for your home: You control your security system and your video surveillance with ease from your smartphone. Presence Simulation enables you to give the impression of being home when you are not. Burglar protection was never this easy!

  • More protection for your home
  • Attractive discounts on the security devices
  • Smart presence simulation

Here's how it works:

  • 1

    Install the myAXA app and log in to your account

  • 2

    Order the appropriate devices directly via the myAXA app on preferential terms

  • 3

    Use the smart «Presence Simulation» function in the myAXA app.

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How to protect your home

Turn your smartphone into a mobile command center: Keep unwanted visitors away through presence simulation and keep your home under surveillance with a look at your smartphone display. You'll know what's going on at home even when you're far away. Read on to find out how.

Protection from burglary with the smart alarm system

The Somfy Home Alarm is a smart alarm system that you can tailor to your home thanks to its expandable components. Unlike comparable systems, it doesn't simply react in an emergency but focuses on burglary prevention to prevent that emergency. A timeless, modern design ensures unobtrusive integration of the devices into your interior fittings. 

Somfy One – the elegant solution 

Somfy One combines a camera, motion sensor, siren and smoke detector-alarm function: all in a single device.

The camera also protects your privacy: Activate the private mode, and the motorized shutter closes and covers the lens. Hence, when you're away from home, you can still keep a watchful eye over your own four walls, but are never observed yourself. 

You can configure the sensitivity of the motion sensor of the camera individually so that your pets do not trigger the alarm. The motion sensor can also be completely deactivated if you so wish. 

In addition, you can archive the recorded images or speak directly with persons in your home via smartphone. 

Somfy One offers comprehensive protection

Somfy One offers comprehensive protection

Smart sensors for doors and windows

IntelliTAGs are handy sensors that can be fixed to doors or windows. Smart technology differentiates day-to-day events – for example, the harmless bounce of a football against the house – from violent break-in attempts. So your house enjoys sophisticated surveillance without the annoyance of false alarms.  

Smart protection with handy sensors (IntelliTAGs)

Smart protection with handy sensors (IntelliTAGs)

Motion sensors for indoors

The motion sensor can be attached to the furniture or to the wall – the choice is yours. It senses movements within 7 meters and automatically triggers the siren. 

Startle burglars with a siren

A loud siren of 110 decibels is included to frighten off potential burglars. With the app, you can either activate the siren automatically or switch it on and off manually. Practical: Carry a remote control on your key fob and you can automatically deactivate the system when you come home.

Frighten off burglars with the 110-decibel siren.

Frighten off burglars with the 110-decibel siren.

Remote control on your key fob

The key fob can be attached to your key ring. It enables you to switch your alarm system on and off easily using the remote control. 

Remote control on your key fob

Remote control on your key fob

Video surveillance on the smartphone

With the appropriate security camera, the alarm system can be expanded to include extra rooms. The lens automatically recognizes images of movement and at the press of a button you can stream them live onto your mobile phone display.

The camera can be used independently and has a private mode, and the motion sensor can be set individually. 


Stream images from the security camera directly to your smartphone.

Stream images from the security camera directly to your smartphone.

Lights on: Simulate your presence at home when you're away.

Most burglary attempts take place under the protection of dusk. So that you can also simulate your presence at home during your absences, the LED lighting from Philips Hue can be connected to the MyAXA app and the Somfy Alarm System. In «away» mode, the lights automatically switch themselves on and off thanks to the smart system – allowing you to enjoy your absence care-free. You can also make use of presence simulation without connecting to the Somfy Alarm System, in which case the activation is manual. The light bulbs are easy to install and are controlled intuitively via the Philips Hue app. Moreover, thanks to continuously dimmable brightness, your home also benefits from an atmospheric lighting concept. 

Energy-efficient LED lighting to simulate presence at home

Energy-efficient LED lighting to simulate presence at home

AXA customers receive a special reduction on the Somfy Protect and Philips Hue devices. You can reach the exclusive online shop via the MyAXA app or the MyAXA web portal. 

Individual devices are available from as little as CHF 23.20, attractive AXA sets from only CHF 249.


Support and frequently asked questions

  • What is Home Protection?

    Home Protection is an offer from AXA consisting of products from the manufacturers Somfy Protect and Philips Hue, together with additional services that help you make your home a more secure place. As an AXA customer, you can order compatible devices in the exclusive online shop on preferential terms. Thanks to the manufacturers' apps:

    • you can control your personalized security system from anywhere
    • you receive immediate notifications (e.g. in case of a burglary) on your smartphone
    • you can switch the Philips Hue lights on and off, dim them and use color effects
    • you have the choice of different alarm modes.

    Thanks to the additional service «Presence Simulation»:

    • the LED lights from Philips Hue can be connected to the myAXA app and the Somfy Home Alarm
    • in «away» mode, the lights automatically switch themselves on and off thanks to the smart system – allowing you to enjoy your absence care-free
    • the Philips Hue lights can also simulate presence without connecting to the Somfy alarm system
  • What do I need to be able to use Home Protection?

    To use Home Protection you need the following:

    • WiFi with broadband internet
    • A valid MyAXA account (registration)
    • Security devices from Somfy and/or Philips Hue
    • The Somfy Security app (iOSAndroid)
    • The Philips Hue app (iOSAndroid)
  • What do I have to do to install Home Protection?

    You can install all the compatible devices from Somfy Protect (Home Alarm, security camera, Somfy One, door and window sensors, motion sensors, key fob) and Philips Hue (lights and light bulbs) yourself. You will find the corresponding instructions in the manufacturers' apps.

    For more detailed questions on installation, the web pages of the manufacturers Somfy and Philips Hue as well as our distribution partner BRACK.CH offer additional help:

    062 889 80 80

  • Where can I order compatible devices on special terms?

    You can visit the exclusive online shop using your personal MyAXA account (web portal) or via the MyAXA app. There you will find all compatible devices on special terms and can place the desired products in your shopping basket and complete your purchase. Delivery is carried out by our distribution partner BRACK.CH.

    Using your personal MyAXA account (web portal) or the MyAXA app, you can repeatedly access the exclusive online shop and buy devices and accessories on special terms. 

  • Several additional persons live in my household. How can they too control the security system?

    Provided you have installed the Somfy Home Alarm, you can equip additional persons with a remote control, the so-called key fob. The key fob is used to activate, deactivate or partially activate the alarm system. In the «Somfy Protect» app, you can also add users who can access and control your system. With the categories «Owner», «Kid» and «Guest» you can grant different access rights. 

    Persons with access rights in the categories «Owner» and «Guest» are also notified by Somfy in the event of an alarm.