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More protection for your home

Home Protection

More protection for your home: You control your security system and your presence simulation with ease from your smartphone. With the additional service Home Protection Plus, if the alarm is triggered, our partner Securitas is alerted, immediately checks  the cause and initiates any necessary measures. Burglary protection has never before been this easy.

  • More protection for your home thanks to Smart Home
  • Attractive discounts on the security devices
  • Assistance from Securitas in case of an emergency

This is how it works:

  • 1

    Download the myAXA app and log in to your account. You receive your myAXA login as an AXA customer.

  • 2

    Order the appropriate devices directly via the myAXA app on preferential terms.

  • 3

    Use the attractive additional services Home Protection Plus and Presence Simulation in the myAXA app.

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How to protect your home

Turn your smartphone into a mobile command center: Keep unwanted visitors away through presence simulation and keep your home under surveillance with a look at your smartphone display. You'll know what's going on at home even when you're far away. Read on to find out how.

The Home Protection offer from AXA comprises the security devices of the Somfy Protect range of our partner Somfy, lighting from Philips Hue and additional services from AXA. As an AXA customer, you can make your individual choice of compatible devices in the exclusive online shop and order them on special terms. You control the devices directly via the apps of our partners Somfy and Philips, and you select additional services easily in the myAXA app. To use the devices to their full extent, you need WLAN access, a myAXA login, the myAXA app and the apps of our partners Somfy Protect and Philips Hue installed on your smartphone.

The service for your security: Home Protection Plus from AXA

Benefit from the additional service with our professional partner Securitas. If your Somfy Protect security system triggers an alarm, we pass this on to Securitas. Certas, Securitas's alarm center, immediately contacts you or your friends/relatives, checks the situation, and initiates any necessary measures. Securitas staff will visit the site in person if necessary. This service is subject to a charge.

Security devices from Somfy Protect

Siren, motion sensor or video camera: Create your own security system, tailored to the rooms in your home and your requirements. Here you'll find a selection of devices from Somfy Protect.

Somfy One – the elegant total solution

"Somfy One" combines a camera, motion sensor, siren and alarm function: all in a single device.

The camera also protects your privacy: Activate private mode, and the motorized shutter closes and covers the lens. Hence, when you're away from home, you can still keep a watchful eye over your own four walls, and are never observed yourself.

You can configure the sensitivity of the motion sensor of the camera individually so that your pets do not trigger the alarm. The motion sensor can also be completely deactivated if you so wish.

In addition, you can archive the recorded images or speak directly with persons in your home via smartphone.

Somfy One offers comprehensive protection

Somfy One offers comprehensive protection

Video surveillance on the smartphone

With the appropriate security camera, the alarm system can be expanded to include extra rooms. The lens automatically recognizes images of movement and at the press of a button you can stream them live onto your mobile phone display.

The camera can also be used independently and includes a private mode. The motion sensor can be set individually.

Stream images from the security camera directly to your smartphone.

Stream images from the security camera directly to your smartphone.

Smart sensors for doors and windows

IntelliTAGs are handy sensors that can be fixed to doors or windows. Smart technology differentiates day-to-day events – for example, the harmless bounce of a football against the house – from violent break-in attempts. So your house enjoys sophisticated surveillance without the annoyance of false alarms.

Smart protection with handy sensors (IntelliTAGs)

Smart protection with handy sensors (IntelliTAGs)

Motion sensors for indoors

The motion sensor can be attached to the furniture or to the wall – the choice is yours. It senses movements within seven meters and automatically triggers the siren if required.

Startle burglars with a siren

A loud siren of 110 decibels is included to frighten off potential burglars. With the app, you can either activate the siren automatically or switch it on and off manually. Practical: Carry a remote control on your key fob and you can deactivate the system when you come home.

Frighten off burglars with the 110-decibel siren.

Frighten off burglars with the 110-decibel siren.

Remote control on your key fob

The key fob can be attached to your key ring. It enables you to switch your alarm system on and off automatically using the remote control.

Remote control on your key fob

Remote control on your key fob

Simulate presence with LED lighting from Philips Hue

Most burglary attempts take place under the protection of darkness. So that you can also simulate your presence at home during your absences, the LED lighting from Philips Hue can be connected with the Somfy Protect Alarm System in the myAXA app.

If the alarm system is in the  "away from home” mode , the lighting is switched on and off at random intervals with the onset of dusk. You can also make use of presence simulation without connecting to the Somfy Alarm System , in which case the activation is manual.

The light bulbs are easy to install and are controlled intuitively via the Philips Hue app. Moreover, thanks to continuously dimmable brightness, your home also benefits from an atmospheric lighting concept.

Energy-efficient LED bulbs to simulate presence at home

Energy-efficient LED lighting to simulate presence at home

AXA customers receive a special reduction on the Somfy Protect and Philips Hue devices.

You can reach the exclusive online shop via the myAXA app or the myAXA web portal. Individual devices are available from as little as CHF 23.15, attractive AXA sets from only CHF 249.

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    What can you do to frighten away burglars?

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Support and frequently asked questions

  • What do I need to be able to use Home Protection and its services?

    The Home Protection offer is available to all AXA customers with an active login to the myAXA customer portal.

    To the myAXA app for iOS in the App Store 

    To the myAXA app for Android at Google Play

    To use the Presence Simulation and Home Protection Plus services within the myAXA app, the devices and apps from Philips Hue and Somfy Protect require WiFi with broadband internet.

    To the Somfy app for iOS in the App Store

    To the Somfy app for Android at Google Play

    To the Philips Hue app for iOS in the App Store

    To the Philips Hue app for Android at Google Play

  • What is the myAXA customer portal and how do I activate my personal account?

    The myAXA customer portal and the personal myAXA account enable:

    • An overview of your contracts and data
    • Easy notification of claims
    • Round-the-clock availability
    • Use of the myAXA app
    • Access to the exclusive Home Protection online shop and use of the Presence Stimulation and Home Protection Plus services.

    There are two ways to activate the login data for your myAXA account:

    By telephone

    Call the myAXA Helpline on 0800 800 292.


    Visit the homepage To register you will need the policy number of your contract with AXA and a Swiss or Liechtenstein phone number.

    The login uses a three-step procedure consisting of an email address, a password and a TAN. The TAN is sent to the phone number that was entered during registration.

  • What do I have to do to install Home Protection?

    You yourself can install all the compatible devices from Somfy Protect (Home Alarm, security camera, Somfy One, door and window sensors, motion sensors, key fob) and Philips Hue (lights and light bulbs). You will find the corresponding instructions in the manufacturers' apps.

    For more detailed questions on installation, the web pages of the manufacturers Somfy and Philips Hue as well as our distribution partner BRACK.CH offer additional help:


    062 889 80 80

  • Where can I order compatible devices on special terms?

    You can visit the exclusive online shop using your personal myAXA account in the web portal or via the myAXA app on the smartphone. Here you will find all the compatible devices and accessories on special terms and can purchase the products you want. Delivery is carried out by our distribution partner BRACK.CH.

  • How can I take out Home Protection Plus?

    You can take out Home Protection Plus via the myAXA app:

    1. Download the myAXA app 
    To the myAXA app for iOS 
    Load in the App Store 
    To the myAXA app for Android 
    Now at Google Play

    2. Open the myAXA app and log in (registration)

    3. Select "Home Protection" in the Services menu

    4. Follow the menu entry "Home Protection Plus"

    5. Enter all the details about your residential property, your contact persons, etc. and check they are correct

    6. Pay directly using your credit card

    IMPORTANT: You must have a Somfy security system to be able to activate the Home Protection Plus service. If you don't yet have this, you can purchase devices via the myAXA app in the Services menu "Home Protection"– "Buy Devices" on special terms.

    To ensure reliable handling by Securitas in the event of an alarm, it is important that the details you enter in the app are complete and correct.

  • What happens after I take out Home Protection Plus?

    Purchasing the service is done directly in the app. Once it has been successfully activated, you receive a handy Welcome Package from AXA by post. This contains further information on the service and a checklist for you to pass on to your persons of trust. In order for Securitas to be able to carry out a complete intervention (incl. interior and exterior controls) , Securitas requires a spare key. The instructions for sending the key and a prepaid reply envelope are included in the Welcome Package.

    If an alarm is triggered in your Somfy Protect security system and you have activated the Home Protection Plus service, we alert our professional partner Certas, Securitas's alarm center . Certas immediately contacts you or your friends/relatives, checks the situation, and initiates any necessary measures.

  • What does Home Protection Plus cost?
    Service fee

    Until December 31, 2018, the Home Protection Plus service is available free of charge. You will be informed about the further options before the free trial period expires. The subscription fee is only due if you actively decide to use the chargeable service.

    Intervention costs and additional costs for travel to and from the property, surveillance, etc., are in each case also borne by the customer during the free trial period. The service fee for directly alerting  Certas and the technical connection of the alarms:

    Monthly: CHF 45 or annually: CHF 300

    Payment of the subscription fee is made using your credit card directly in the myAXA app.

    Intervention costs

    Intervention takes place according to a standardized process sequence. The relevant services are charged as follows:

    Intervention in the event of an incident CHF 200 (flat rate) per deployment*

    * Travel to and from the property plus up to one hour's on-site intervention are included. Charge for longer time spent, in units of 15 minutes (CHF 50/15 min).

    Surveillance costs

    In the event of an incident, more extensive surveillance may be necessary:

    Cost CHF 55/hour (plus weekend & night-time surcharge of 10%)

    Call-out charges CHF 1.10/km

    Billing of the intervention and surveillance costs is carried out by Securitas directly with the customer. AXA does not cover any costs arising from or in connection with an intervention.

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