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When does AXA cyber protection help me?

Life without a smartphone, e-banking or online shopping? This would be unimaginable today, as a large part of our private and professional lives now takes place online. But with digitization, the risks lurking on the internet are also increasing – from fake shops to identity theft and cyberbullying.

If you become a victim of cybercrime as a private individual, then in the most harmless case, it means a great deal of hassle, but in the worst case, massive costs and psychological stress. 

Our private cyber insurance protects you and your family against the risks of the online world and against financial loss. 

Would you like to protect your company against cyber risks?

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Frequently asked questions

  • What does cyber insurance cover for private individuals?

    Our insurance comprises four modules, each of which can be taken out on its own. 

    Choose between the following modules: 

    • Online Accounts & Credit Cards: AXA Cyber insurance helps when your personal, account or credit card details are stolen or misused.
    • Cyberbullying & Copyrights: We’re here to help if your copyrights have been violated on the Internet or if you’re being cyberbullied.
    • Online Shopping: AXA personal Cyber insurance takes the worry out of online shopping by protecting you against financial losses caused by Internet fraudsters and dubious online shops.
    • Data Recovery, Virus Removal & IT Assistance: We offer professional assistance with data recovery, virus removal, technical faults, and other support issues relating to electronic devices like computers.
  • How do the prevention services help me?

    AXA’s personal cyber insurance doesn’t just insure you against losses, it also offers prevention services. AXA customers benefit from our cooperation with Silenccio, an innovative Swiss start-up offering an online service that identifies and filters out negative posts and hateful comments on social media and reports them to you.

    On request, Silenccio can intervene, send the offending poster a warning, and act immediately to have what they have written deleted. In the event of a lawsuit for defamation or violation of legal personality rights, AXA-ARAG covers your lawyer’s fees and court costs.

    Silenccio also monitors e-mails and phishing scams and offers a browser extension for shopping sites.

  • Is there a qualifying period for the legal protection included in Cyber Plus insurance?

    No, there’s no qualifying period.

  • Is online banking covered?

    Yes, claims relating to online banking are covered.

  • To what extent does legal protection insurance cover bullying by minors?

    Minors can be prosecuted under the Juvenile Criminal Law Act from the age of 10. They can also face criminal charges.

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