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Coronavirus: Questions and answers on AXA Intertours travel insurance

Have you booked a trip that you have to cancel because of the coronavirus? Or would you like to return from a risk area? Here you will find answers about when the travel insurance pays out under the cancellation costs and personal assistance modules and everything else you need to know about the coronavirus.

Reporting a travel incident or cancellation

The questions and answers provided apply to customers who took out AXA Intertours travel insurance prior to March 13, 2020. Other conditions may apply to more recent contracts.

Questions and answers

  • I would like to cancel my planned vacation. Are the costs covered by AXA?

    As long as you have a valid Intertours travel cancellation insurance policy, your travel expenses for trips to all countries are covered. This currently applies to the travel period from March 13, 2020 to June 30, 2020. If you have to cancel or interrupt a trip during this period, please file your claim here: as long as you have a valid Intertours travel cancellation insurance policy, your travel expenses for trips to all countries are covered. This currently applies to the travel period from March 13, 2020 to June 30, 2020. If you have to cancel or interrupt a trip during this period, file your claim here: 

    Limits apply to individual events such as return travel, additional accommodation or transportation costs, which you can find in your policy or in the General Insurance Conditions (GIC).  

  • What about the summer and fall vacations?

    Trips departing after June 30, 2020 are not covered. Depending on how the current situation develops, we are reviewing on an ongoing basis the extension of the travel period to include the summer and fall vacations. For this reason, please refer to this website regularly. If you cancel your vacation now and AXA duly extends the period for cancellations, we will of course cover the costs, including with retroactive effect.

    If you have already decided not to depart on vacation in the summer or fall, enquire with the organizer, hotel, airline or booking portal whether you can cancel your booking free of charge, get a refund or postpone your trip. A lot of them are also offering vouchers that you can use for a trip at a later date as an alternative. If you can no longer cancel your trip free of charge and do not want a voucher, you bear the cancellation costs at your own risk. Please file the claim with us today. We would be pleased to review it and will contact you as soon as the costs have been covered.

    If you didn't take out your travel cancellation insurance until after March 13, 2020, you are not covered for cancellations due to the coronavirus – unless you yourself have contracted the coronavirus and for this reason cannot depart on your trip. In the case of cancellations, we generally recommend first filing a claim for a refund directly from the organizer or airline.

  • My package tour has been canceled How do I get my money back?

    First contact the tour operator that you booked the trip with. If the trip is canceled by the organizer, you as the customer can choose between two options under the terms of the Federal Package Tour Act*:

    • You can have the amount you have already paid refunded.
    • You can go on another package tour if the tour operator can offer an alternative to the one that has been canceled.

    If a trip is canceled or would have to be canceled by the organizer, the organizer is obligated to refund you your travel costs. A lot of hotels, airlines and booking portals are offering free rebooking or refunds.

    If you nevertheless have to pay cancellation costs, please contact your travel insurer. This link takes you directly to our online claims notification: 

  • Which documents do I have to request to prove I have canceled my trip?

    We need the following documents from you in order to process your claim as fast as possible:

    • The booking confirmation for your trip, flight or accommodation
    • A cancellation cost statement or cancellation statement: you can request these from your tour operator, hotel, airline, etc. The final statement must confirm that you did not depart on your trip and that you are not receiving a refund or only a part of it has been or is being refunded.
    • If you could not travel due to illness, we require a medical certificate.

    Please reclaim the costs explicitly from the tour operator, airline, hotel, etc. If a refund is not possible or you only receive part of the costs, we will make up the difference. You are obligated to notify us if you receive a refund after we have paid out your claim.

    As soon as you receive a reference number from us, you can have all of the documentation sent to us.

Canceling travel due to the coronavirus: the best way to proceed

  • 1

    Where did you book your trip, hotel room, tickets or rental car? Contact the organizer first (travel agent, online platform, airline) and ask for compensation (in the form of a refund, voucher, rebooking, etc.).

  • 2

    If the tour operator fails to offer you sufficient compensation, report the claim to AXA travel insurance. We will be glad to advise you and will assume the costs on a subsidiary basis in accordance with the General Insurance Conditions.

  • 3

    If you yourself have to cancel a trip that you had planned between March 14, 2020 and June 30, 2020 and cannot depart on it because of the coronavirus, please contact AXA travel insurance.

Other questions

  • My travel agent only wants to issue me with a voucher as compensation for the trip. Do I have to accept it?

    The Federal Package Tours Act stipulates that you can demand a cash payment; see question above. Any legal protection insurance you have will assist you with this refund. 

  • UEFA has canceled the 2020 EURO Football Championship: What costs are paid by my travel insurance?

    The organizer is generally responsible for reimbursing the ticket price.

    As UEFA is not an official government body, the costs of return travel and accommodation would generally not be insured. We classify major international events such as the European Football Championship, World Ice Hockey Championship or the Olympic Games, open-air concerts and the Oktoberfest separately, however, and are accommodating to the needs of our customers. If you would have traveled to a location for the sole purpose of attending the European Football Championship, your travel insurance will assume your cancellation costs on a subsidiary basis if you are unable to cancel or rebook your trip or accommodation free of charge. Please refer to the following question. 

  • What costs are covered by Intertours cancellation insurance in the case of major events, events and open-air concerts that have been canceled?

    The travel costs for such events are covered under the General Insurance Conditions (GIC). This means your return travel and accommodation costs will be refunded. The travel insurance will also pay, for example, for any train tickets that you bought specifically for traveling to the event. Any hotel rooms that you booked exclusively for the event would also be covered.

    This is subject to the fulfillment of one of the following conditions:

    • The event must be canceled by an official body (can also be an international association)
    • Travel restrictions make it impossible to travel to the country where the event is taking place
    • An order imposed by an official body makes the staging of the event impossible (for example, a general ban on gatherings of more than five people or more than 1,000 people in the case of a sports event)
  • Are admission tickets and tickets for events also covered?

    No, we don't cover individual tickets. These are primarily the responsibility of the organizers. Previous experience has shown that they are also very accommodating in offering alternative solutions or refunds. 

  • How about a package tour to an event?

    If you have booked a package tour, the Federal Package Tour Act stipulates that the organizer must bear the costs of all the associated expenses. In this case the travel insurance naturally covers cancellations on a subsidiary basis, however (this means the travel insurance pays if the organizer cannot pay). 

  • Should I even consider booking a trip this year?

    Trips are currently insured if you booked them prior to March 14, 2020 and depart on them prior to June, 30 2020. The cancellation costs of trips booked after March 13, 2020 with departures before the end of June 2020 are not covered. 

  • Can I still take out travel insurance today for summer vacations or for vacations at a later date if I haven't yet booked them? The coronavirus could still be active for some time.

    You can still take out travel insurance with AXA if you don't have any yet. If you take out travel insurance after March 13, 2020, you will no longer be covered for all claims related to the coronavirus or general epidemics, however. If you book a trip to areas that are already considered to be locked-down, quarantine or epidemic areas at the time of booking, AXA will assume none of the costs if the trip is canceled. We cover the cancellation costs if you cannot depart on the trip because of contracting COVID-19 yourself. 

    The situation is changing all the time. Before booking any travel, we recommend getting the latest updates on the current situation by consulting this website as well as 

  • Will the travel insurance cover the costs of flights that have been canceled by the airline?

    Generally, the airline is under an obligation to indemnify if a flight is canceled. Previous experience has shown that airlines are very accommodating in offering alternative solutions or refunds. If this does not apply in your case, AXA travel insurance will bear the costs. The same applies if you have booked accommodation for a trip and the flight is canceled: here too, the airline is generally under an obligation to indemnify. 

  • I have booked a bus trip in the fall. As I belong to a risk group, I would prefer not to go. Can I cancel it?

    We recommend contacting the organizer and looking into the option of postponing it or getting a voucher. Travel that you embark on after June 30, 2020 is not yet covered by the travel insurance. If you cancel your vacation now and AXA duly extends the period for cancellations, we will of course cover the costs, including with retroactive effect. Please file the claim with us today. We would be pleased to review it and will contact you as soon as the costs have been covered.

  • I have been in contact with a person who has contracted COVID-19. I cannot depart on my trip as I am self-quarantining. Is this claim covered?

    The claim is covered by the travel insurance if a domestic trip or trip abroad would be possible but you yourself are self-quarantining – as required by the Federal Office of Public Health (FOPH). Coverage is subject to the precondition that you have a medical certificate confirming you are self-quarantining. Your travel costs are also covered if the quarantine has been imposed by order of the authorities. 

  • Can I already book my summer vacation for 2021? What happens if I have to cancel my trip again due to the coronavirus?

    Booking your 2021 summer vacation is currently at your own risk. We would cover the costs if travel restrictions between the date of booking and your date of travel are lifted and are subsequently imposed again due to a second wave of the coronavirus, making it impossible for you to go on your trip. 

General information about travel insurance in connection with the coronavirus

Based on the federal government's current travel recommendations, AXA will cover the costs of trips planned up to June 30, 2020.  If you are abroad and have to interrupt your trip due to the coronavirus, we will advise you on your return trip and cover any additional costs in accordance with the Insurance Conditions.

Travel cancellation costs are also covered if booked events have been called off at official level due to the coronavirus and you would only have traveled to that place for that event.

Cancellation costs are not covered for trips booked after March 14, 2020 with departures until the end of June 2020 . 

Trips booked after March 14, 2020  before the travel restrictions in connection with the coronavirus are lifted are not currently covered either. 

If you would like to report a canceled trip or an incident, you can do so  quickly and easily online .

If you have any questions about travel cancellations or travel incidents, please contact us at tel.0800 809 809. You may have to be put on hold as we are currently receiving a lot of queries. 

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