Your pension fund certificate in a nutshell

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Are there are gaps in your retirement provision? How high are the expected benefits in the event of early retirement or disability? Now the once-a-year moment has come: you receive your pension fund certificate and get the answers to all these questions and more.

What is a pension fund certificate?

The pension fund certificate is a personal document given to you by your employer or pension fund. It shows you the amount you are likely to receive upon retirement. The certificate also contains information about your annual contributions to the pension fund or about how your family is covered. It therefore gives you a comprehensive overview of your retirement provision.

Interpreting your pension fund certificate: here’s how to do it

We've created a guide to help you better understand the different pieces of information and terms on the pension fund certificate: it means that you can find any information on the certificate quickly and easily.

Guide to your pension fund certificate

Key points at a glance

You should always take note of the following details: 

  • Annual salary and insured salary: your annual salary is reported by your employer and corresponds to the OASI gross salary on your salary slip. The insured salary is calculated by deducting a specific amount (the coordination deduction) from your annual salary.
  • Performance of retirement assets: the retirement assets refer to the amount you have saved in your pension fund up to a specific date. The performance of your retirement assets tells you about changes in the last year.
  • Retirement capital/retirement pension: your predicted retirement capital and the corresponding annual retirement pension are projected with an interest rate. This is an estimate by experts of how much interest can be expected in future. It is therefore not the definitive pension, but a provisional calculation.
  • Benefits in the event of disability and death: the maximum annual benefit you can expect in the event of disability or death.
  • Potential purchase: you can purchase benefits to fill gaps for insufficient contribution years. Purchasing benefits for early retirement is possible only once the possibilities of purchasing contribution years have been exhausted.

Your pension fund certificate on the myAXA pensions portal

As a customer of an AXA pensions solution, you receive an access letter with your personal login rather than the annual pension fund certificate which is sent out. This way, you can simply log into the myAXA customer portal and download your certificate. myAXA also offers other useful functionalities:

Calculating retirement scenarios

Your myAXA pensions portal conveniently shows whether there are pension gaps and which benefits are insured. You can also calculate different retirement scenarios based on your circumstances.

Early withdrawals and their effects

Use the pension portal to calculate what the effect of an early withdrawal for financing residential property would have on your benefits. Enter the required advance withdrawal and see immediately how much monthly pension you would have left in retirement. Your overall retirement assets will also be recalculated for you in line with this changed scenario, enabling you to quickly work through various scenarios. This provides you with a valuable basis on which to make a decision on any early withdrawal from your pension fund.

Further benefits of the myAXA pensions portal

  • Clarity: you can view all the information together on your pension fund – online on myAXA at any time with simple and clear explanations.
  • Better planning for the future: myAXA shows how you can save tax through an early withdrawal or voluntary payment. 
  • Option of buying additional benefits:myAXA helps you identify and close any pension gaps.

Always there for you

Do you have any questions or would you like a no-obligation consultation on private pensions (Pillar 3)? Our experts will be happy to help.

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