Reading and understanding the pension fund certificate: Now in the AXA pensions portal

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Are there gaps in your pension coverage? What disability and death benefits does your insurance cover? You’ll find the answer to these and other questions in your pension fund certificate – as well as on the myAXA pensions portal.

For those insured under occupational benefits plans (2nd pillar), the pension fund certificate can be called up online on AXA’s pensions portal. This ensures you have all the information you need on your pension coverage to hand whenever you need it. 

Reading the pension fund certificate correctly: Here’s how it works

Do you know how much your pension will amount to? Or how much you would be entitled to in the event of occupational disability? Or how your partner and children are covered? This information and more can be found in the pension fund certificate. With its many numbers, it’s a document that can look a little daunting at first glance. Our practical guide will help you see clearly. Using an example, we’ll explain what the individual terms and sections mean and show you where you will find them in your pension fund certificate .

A guide to your pension fund certificate

Your pension fund certificate on the myAXA pensions portal

Instead of a pension fund certificate sent out each year in November, you – as a customer of an occupational benefits solution from AXA – will receive an access letter containing your personal login information. This information will allow you to register on the myAXA customer portal, and from the portal you will be able to download your pension fund certificate quickly and easily to your home PC. myAXA also offers you other useful functions:

Calculating retirement scenarios

Are there gaps in your pension coverage? What disability and death benefits does your insurance cover? You’ll find the answer to these and other questions on the myAXA pensions portal. You can also calculate how various retirement scenarios could look for you.

Simulating home-ownership financing and the impact on your 2nd pillar benefits

One of the simulations you can carry out on the pensions portal is a calculation showing how an advance withdrawal to finance home ownership could impact your benefits. In the simulation, once you enter the amount of the advance withdrawal, you will see directly how your monthly pension will change as a result. Your overall retirement assets will also be recalculated in line with this changed scenario. This allows you to work your way through various scenarios in a short space of time, and shows you the concrete impact in each individual case. It thus provides you with a valuable guide in case you're thinking about making an advance withdrawal from your pension fund assets.

Rapid access to your personal situation in the 2nd pillar

Using your access data, you can register on myAXA within minutes and benefit from an overview of your pension fund situation. All you need in addition to internet access is your personal code and a cell phone.

Further advantages of the myAXA pensions portal

  • Clarity: On myAXA, insured members can view all their pension fund information online at any time – with simple and clear explanations.
  • Better planning for the future: myAXA makes it possible to calculate the impact on pension benefits of an advance withdrawal or of a voluntary payment for tax optimization purposes.
  • Option of buying additional benefits: Thanks to myAXA, it is possible to identify and close any pension gaps.

Always there for you

Do you have any questions or would you like a no-obligation consultation on private pensions (3rd pillar)? Our experts will be happy to help.

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