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myAXA – fully digital and always available

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You can now access your insurance documents from anywhere at any time. File a claim the easy way. Manage your insurance details online. Our customer portal myAXA offers all this and more.

myAXA is the digital equivalent of the trusty old folder where you used to keep all your insurance documents, but it’s also much more than that. For example, it’s an efficient means of communicating with us.

Sign up now and take advantage of the many benefits of myAXA.

  • All your insurance documents are available round the clock – you have an overview of your contracts and details at all times.
  • You can report changes such as a new address online – it couldn’t be simpler.
  • When you need to file a claim, the most important information is entered into the online form automatically, saving you time and hassle.
  • You can access the documents needed for your tax return with just a single click.
  • You can grant someone you trust power of attorney to access your myAXA account – a practical option for families, partners, housemates, and more. 
  • Storing your insurance documents digitally is good for the environment, improving your ecological footprint.

Do you have corporate contracts for your own company as well as personal ones, or do you handle your employer’s corporate contracts? myAXA lets you manage all of them in one place – you only need to log in once

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    What do our customers say about myAXA?

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Additional option in myAXA

On request, your advisor can also store contracts you’ve signed with other insurers in your myAXA folder. This way, you always have an overview of all the insurance you and your family have.

Does AXA manage your occupational benefits insurance?

If so, you can now view your pension fund certificate on myAXA as well. It shows the benefits you and your family have accrued. You can also use myAXA to calculate whether you have gaps in your pension provision, what the consequences of withdrawing pension capital early to buy a home would be, and your outlook under a variety of pension scenarios.

The myAXA app and its advantages

Do you want permanent access to your insurance documents, even when you’re on the move? Perhaps you need help quickly in connection with a claim. Use the myAXA app:

  • It connects you immediately to our 24-hour helpline or your advisor.
  • It helps you define, document, and report a claim on your motor vehicle, household contents or personal liability insurance. It significantly speeds up the processing of your claim.

You can also record valuable items in the app for your household contents insurance.

To the myAXA app for iOS: download from the App Store

To the myAXA app for Androidnow on Google Play

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