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What to do if you need to claim. Our three tips

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Every claim is different. But there's one thing they all have in common: claims notification for the insurer. The main thing is that everything is as easy as possible for you. Which is why we at AXA are here for you.

Water damage, damage to household contents, personal liability claim, storm damage, theft, car breakdown, or car accident – just the thought of having to make a claim is a worry in itself. Thankfully, most claims involve damage to property or car bodywork. As long as nobody suffers an injury, then things are not that bad.

Claims notification and claims service

No matter how careful you are, sometimes things go wrong. A mishap can occur very quickly. If you sustain an injury or loss, or are involved  in a claim through no fault of your own, please note the following three tips. In most cases, 99% of the work is then taken care of for you. 

Watch out – thieves about! Take photos of your favorite pieces on a regular basis – just in case.


1. Document the damage

Retain receipts and documentation

It’s important to know the original purchase price and date of purchase, especially for more valuable items. So keeping the original receipt or invoice for large or expensive purchases in particular is a good idea. You will need these to notify your insurer of a claim. If need be, you can ask the relevant seller for confirmation.

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Take photos

This way, you’ll always be on the safe side and won’t have to provide so many explanations. Maybe you have a photo that shows the item before it was damaged and the claim arose? Depending on the actual claim involved, this could be an advantage.

Our recommendation: Take photos of your possessions on a regular basis; special items, jewelry, watches, expensive bikes, and your car. That way, if, for example, a watch or your bicycle is stolen, photos are particularly helpful – for the police too.

Draw up an accident report in the event of a car accident

If you’re involved in a traffic accident, the sequence of events that gave rise to the accident must always be documented. To do this, use the ”European Accident Statement” form. If the person who caused the accident disputes that it was their fault, call the police. Particularly if you're abroad.

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2. Report your claim

Complete the claims form online

You’re normally quicker if you report the claim online. Ideally via the customer portal. You can also upload and send all the necessary documentation and photos quickly and conveniently. 

Report claim by phone

If you have an emergency and need help as soon as possible, for example if your car has broken down, calling us means we can arrange help straight away. Using the online claims notification form would take too long.

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3. Repair the damage or have it repaired

Arrange repairs through the insurance company

These days, insurance companies do much more than simply handle claims; they also help you with repairs. If damage has to be repaired quickly, let your insurance company take care of the entire claims handling process. If you’re an AXA customer, we’ll organize and coordinate all the repairs with our partner companies upon request, and of course with a lifelong guarantee for the work carried out.

Use the claims service

A range of services is available to you depending on the claim involved. Examples in household contents insurance and car insurance:

  • 24-hour emergency service; locksmith or water-damage drying as a result of storm damage
  • Mobile repairs, or replacement, for glass damage to your car,  at your home or at your place of work

Not sure whether you’re entitled to use a corresponding service, and which one specifically? Just ask before you arrange anything yourself.

Arrange damage repairs yourself

If you want to arrange the repairs yourself, simply submit the relevant invoice to us.

Our recommendation: Always get a quote for major or extensive repairs, such as renovations after fire damage. Have it checked by your insurer before you give the definitive go-ahead – for your own protection.

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    Private liability, household contents, car insurance....

    When it comes to a claim, the most important insurance is the right insurance. With benefits optimally tailored to you and your needs.

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