AXA-ARAG legal protection gives you peace of mind in your day-to-day life. We support you in disputes with neighbors, trouble with schools or problems at work and protect you against financial risks if a minor argument turns into an expensive court case.

Cover all aspects of your life with our personal legal protection

Thanks to its modular structure, AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs, to ensure that you're covered in all areas and stages of your life. Our carefree family life package offers comprehensive protection for your family.

It comprises the following modules:

  • Home & Everyday: We help you and your family defend your rights when you get involved in a dispute as a tenant, consumer or neighbor.
  • Partnership & Family: Our legal experts help you stand up for your rights in disputes with  Swiss child and adult protection or school authorities.
  • Work: Do you want to contest a bad testimonial? Have you been fired without notice? We're here to help you defend your workplace rights.
  • Mobility & Travel: Did the "idyllic country hotel" you booked turn out to be a dive right next to a highway? Are you under threat of having your driver's license revoked? We can save you time, stress, and money.
  • Health & Personal Insurance: We're the ideal partner for you and your family in disputes concerning sickness, medical malpractice, maternity, retirement or unemployment.

Why do I need family legal protection insurance?

Is your child's school not doing enough to prevent bullying? Are you and your partner separating and seeking to agree joint custody rights? Do you have questions about inheritance law after falling out with your siblings?

Whether they're about inheritance, custody or maintenance, in Switzerland disputes under family law very often end up in court. Our family legal protection helps you to understand the law and safeguards against financial risks, for example in the event of disputes with schools or child and adult protection authorities or separation by mutual agreement.

When will AXA-ARAG family legal protection help?

AXA-ARAG family legal protection was developed specifically to meet the needs of families. The Partnership & Family module of our legal protection insurance covers the following family-relevant situations, among others:

  • Disputes with Swiss school authorities
  • Disputes with Swiss child and adult protection agencies (KESBs)
  • Questions about Swiss inheritance law
  • Separation in cases of cohabitation, registered partnership or marriage under Swiss law
  • Contractual disputes with babysitters or daycare centers

What does family law cover?

Family law is a category of private law. It governs the legal relationships between married couples and relatives, including parents and their children. It covers disputes, for example, over custody, maintenance, and paternity.

It's important to point out that our family legal protection insurance offers exactly the same coverage to registered partnerships as married couples.

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