Pregnancy and birth: What does the health insurer pay?

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Baby on the way? A positive pregnancy test signals the start of one of the most exciting, but also most challenging times for parents-to-be. So that everything runs according to plan, you will need to make comprehensive preparations – including for your health insurance. Our AXA expert explains how you can insure yourself optimally.

In the course of a pregnancy, a regular visit to the gynecologist is a must. Precautionary checks are aimed at early recognition of possible diseases or risks associated with the expectant mother and the unborn baby. The first routine examination usually takes place during the second or third month of pregnancy, and from then on, every six weeks.

Maternity benefits under basic insurance

The benefits under basic insurance are regulated by law and are the same for all providers. From the 13th week of pregnancy until eight weeks after the birth, expectant mothers do not have to contribute to the costs. They can benefit from the following before, during, and after the birth:

  • Before the birth, seven check-ups, two ultrasound examinations, laboratory analyses, and CHF 150 toward childbirth preparation classes are paid. In the event of a justified pregnancy risk, basic insurance covers the costs of all checks and ultrasound examinations.
  • At the birth, services are covered on the general ward in a hospital or birthing center in your own canton of residence as well as at home. The birth can be accompanied by a doctor or midwife.
  • Once the child is born, three sessions of breastfeeding advice with a trained professional as well as a follow-up examination between the sixth and tenth weeks are covered.

Greater privacy after the birth thanks to supplementary insurance

The basic insurance covers all the necessary services with regard to pregnancy and birth. With private or semi-private supplementary hospital insurance, mothers enjoy greater privacy in a one-bed or two-bed room. If desired, the doctor can also be chosen freely or your own gynecologist can accompany the birth. Please note: There is a qualifying period for AXA supplementary insurance. AXA specifies a waiting period of one year from the start of Hospital Private or Hospital Semi-Private insurance. If your pregnancy begins within the waiting period, the supplementary insurance does not pay maternity benefits.

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