Tips from the mental coach: It’s all about the right mindset

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A great deal is in the mind. This is what mental coach and participant in the GP Challenge 2020 Rüdiger Böhm firmly believes. He gives us a few tips and tricks about how you can achieve a great deal every day with seemingly small things.

Tip 4: How can I plan my day better?

Having too many appointments is draining. What matters here is the right planning. Rüdiger Böhm has the perfect trick:

Tip 3: How should I react to change?

We have more control over change than we think. External circumstances do not necessarily have to determine whether we’re happy. Let Rüdiger Böhm show you how that works:

Tip 1: How can I motivate myself?

Two minutes can have a massive impact on your motivation for the whole day. Rüdiger Böhm explains what this involves and how not to lose focus during the day:

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