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Invest like the pros
High degree of flexibility and straightforward pricing
Key points at a glance
  • Professional and flexible asset management: With EasyInvest, you benefit from the professional management of your assets, individually tailored to your needs. Investment portfolio and highest level of flexibility for deposits and payments.
  • Invest like the pros: With EasyInvest, you can invest from just CHF 7,500 at conditions of institutional investors and benefit from low investment costs.
  • Independently or together: Manage your assets independently online or receive step-by-step support from our pension experts.

Investing made easy

Discretionary management EasyInvest is exactly what a modern portfolio management should be: a tailored and straightforward portfolio that is professionally managed and offers flexible withdrawal options. EasyInvest lets you invest like the pros and makes your money work for you. It couldn’t be easier. 

Your advantages with EasyInvest

  • Individual investment portfolio: Customized personal investment strategy. 
  • Make changes anytime and from anywhere: You can make adjustments to your investment strategy at your discretion and convenience. Your contract does not have a fixed term.
  • Attractive conditions and straightforward pricing: From as little as CHF 7,500, you can take advantage of low investment costs and the same conditions as institutional investors.
  • 24/7 online services: Our customer portal lets you check on and adjust your investments whenever you want.
  • Attractive services for depositing and withdrawing your assets: Take advantage of investment management for staggered deposits or the EasyInvest payout plan if you would like to have your funds paid out regularly to supplement your income.

EasyInvest lets you invest just like AXA does:

  • Guaranteed affordable fund costs, optimized performance and good investment management  – selection of affordable ETFs and superior investment funds from top-notch firms
  • Investment funds selected, monitored and exchanged by AXA finance experts
  • We take care of all the supporting services, such as selecting, monitoring and exchanging investment instruments, processing stock exchange orders and preparing your tax statement correctly.
  • Talk to your retirement advisor about the opportunities, risks and options for your investment strategy.

Here’s how EasyInvest works

The basics explained in 90 seconds 

EasyInvest in 3 steps

  • 1

    Sign up in the myAXA pensions portal

  • 2

    Determine your risk profile and investment mix

  • 3

    Verify your identity and sign the contract

Investment options

Would you like to help manage the risk of your investment? Then customize just the parts of your investment portfolio that you want. Would you rather not have to bother keeping up with what's going on in the stock markets? Then take advantage of AXA’s extensive investing expertise. EasyInvest gives you both of these options.

Simply choose the investment strategy that's right for you:

  • Personal investment strategy: We will suggest an investment mix that suits your personal risk profile and return expectations.
  • Efficient mix of ETFs, index funds and actively managed funds: In established markets, we invest in affordable ETFs and index funds. In markets with more challenging structures, we enlist the expert knowledge of qualified fund managers to unlock additional performance opportunities.
  • Investment management services provided by AXA pension funds: Same asset allocation and selection of investment vehicles used by pension funds
  • Flexible investment strategy: Modify your investment strategy at any time.
  • Minimizing risks through staggering: You decide at what intervals to stagger your investments  – we optimize and automatically implement your choice.

Services related to investing and withdrawing your funds

Use investment management to stagger your deposits or for the EasyInvest payout plan if you would like to boost your retirement income.

Investment management

Investment management allows you to stagger your deposits over a period of, say, six months so you don’t have to invest everything at once. Doing this reduces your risk of pooling your investment at an inopportune moment.

Payout plan

The EasyInvest payout plan lets you invest your money and at the same time automatically withdraw a portion of your investment as a regular supplement to your income. No special knowledge necessary to invest at attractive conditions and with maximum flexibility.

Legal & Documents

In order to better protect investors, Switzerland passed the Financial Services Act (FinSA) in January 2020. Below you will find related information about the duties of conduct, implementation and organization required of AXA Insurance Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need special knowledge or experience to sign up for EasyInvest?

    No. Everything you need to know will be clearly and simply explained to you either by your retirement advisor or in the customer portal. We will clearly explain the risks, opportunities and costs of your personal solution.

    AXA financial experts will take care of the demanding tasks, such as selecting, monitoring and exchanging investment funds or executing market transactions.

    The only thing we need your help with is determining your risk profile, which we will use to propose an investment strategy for you. You can – but do not have to – change your strategy at any time. You have a choice: You can either 1.) just sit back and invest based on the personal investment suggestions made by AXA; or 2.) make your own changes to the asset classes (e.g. how much money you would like to invest in stocks); or even 3.) make adjustments within the asset classes (e.g. how much to invest in stocks of Swiss companies).

  • How much flexibility do I have with EasyInvest and how easy is it to withdraw my money?

    EasyInvest can be adapted to accommodate your personal financial circumstances and requirements: You can make deposits and withdrawals and make changes to your investment strategy at any time. There is no cancellation period. 

  • How safe is the money I invest?

    Your investment is subject to the usual risks of the capital markets. We aim to reduce these risks through broad diversification and by carefully selecting investment funds and a suitable strategy.

    There’s no need to worry about AXA or the custody bank going bankrupt because we do not hold your securities assets or cash savings. They are held by Bank CIC as separate assets or are insured under deposit insurance.

    • Your securities assets are held at Bank CIC as separate assets. In the hypothetical case of bankruptcy, the funds will not be included with the bankruptcy assets of the account-holding bank, but will remain your property.
    • Your cash savings (which normally make up just 3% of the amount invested) are insured for up to the first CHF 100,000 under deposit insurance.
    • If AXA takes bankruptcy, your investment will remain at Bank CIC until you give the instruction to close your account and custody account or transfer the asset management mandate to another asset manager. 
  • How does AXA invest my money?

    Your money will be invested in an efficient mix of ETFs, index funds and actively managed funds: In established markets, we invest in affordable ETFs and index funds. In markets with more challenging structures, we enlist the expert knowledge of qualified fund managers to unlock additional performance opportunities.

  • How is EasyInvest better than what the competitors offer?

    EasyInvest combines the advantages of traditional asset management by banks, for example, with purely digital asset management.

    EasyInvest gives you the advantages of traditional asset management, such as personal advice and the financial expertise of an established and proven asset manager, combined with attractive fund conditions that would otherwise only be available to institutional investors.

    And you can even start with smaller amounts by using the customer portal (on your own or with the help of your retirement advisor) to invest your funds in asset management. When you do this, you still retain a great deal of flexibility and are able to view your portfolio and make changes any time you like. 

  • How much do I need to invest?

    EasyInvest lets you enjoy the advantages of a professionally managed portfolio with a minimum of just CHF 7,500.

  • What are the fees for EasyInvest?

    You pay an investment fee of 1.25% of the investment to invest your money and a flat fee of 0.80% of your balance per year, which includes the entire suite of services.

    Thanks to special fund conditions, you can purchase funds at prices that are normally reserved for large investors such as pension funds: If you choose a balanced strategy, the average fund charges amount to approximately 0.40% of your invested assets per year. Investors with a conventional securities custody account (without EasyInvest) pay more than 0.80% per year for the same portfolio.

Always there for you

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