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Protect your mobile phone or tablet against damage and unauthorized usage following theft. AXA offers you all-round protection for your new mobile device in cooperation with Swisscom. The insurance may only be taken out in a Swisscom shop.

Insurance overview/How to file a claim

Your mobile device is insured against dropping, display and water damage as well as against call misuse. The amount of insurance corresponds to the new-for-old value of your mobile phone or tablet, up to a maximum of CHF 2,000

How to file a claim

​Your Swisscom mobile phone or tablet was damaged, or someone has made phone calls using your stolen device. Report the damage as follows:

Damage to device

(dropping and display damage, water damage, etc.)
Claims management by Swisscom

  1. Take your damaged device to a Swisscom shop. They will repair your mobile phone or tablet, or you will receive a replacement device.
  2. Pay the deductible of CHF 70​ directly in the Swisscom shop. AXA assumes the costs of repair / replacement device. ​

Call misuse following theft / loss abroad

Claims management by AXA

  1. Have your SIM card blocked by Swisscom within 48 hours at: Contact or toll-free call on 0800 800 800.
  2. Notify the police of the theft.
  3. Report misuse following theft or loss abroad on +41 52 218 95 28.
    Deductible: CHF 0

Support and frequently asked questions

  • Does insurance have to be taken out separately for each device?


  • Which risks are covered?
    • Damage (sudden, unforeseen, external)
    • Misuse following theft, up to CHF 2,000
    • The General Insurance Conditions (GIC Art. A2) apply conclusively.


    • Theft (including loss) is not insured.
    • Theft is generally covered under your household contents insurance. In this case, please contact your household contents insurer.
  • Does the failure of individual functions constitute an insured event (for example: the on-switch stops working, the camera stops working)?
    • Swisscom will check if the malfunction is covered under the warranty.
    • If this is not the case, coverage applies only if the malfunction was caused through sudden unforeseen damage by an external force.
    • If the above-mentioned circumstances do not apply, the case does not count as an insured event and is not covered by the insurance.
  • What does the insurance cover?
    • The insured mobile phone or tablet is covered at the new-for-old value of an identical device at the time of the loss event, up to a maximum of CHF 2,000. If an identical device is unavailable, one of equivalent value is provided.
    • Misuse following theft is covered up to a maximum of CHF 2,000.


    The phone was dropped and the display got damaged. Swisscom decision: Defective display = consequence of damage. Scratches on the device = wear and tear, not covered by the insurance. Hence, the insurance assumes only replacement of the display; cosmetic repairs are not covered.

  • How high is the deductible?
    • The deductible for a loss event is CHF 70.
    • The deductible for call misuse is CHF 0.
  • Where is the insurance valid?


  • From when to when is the insurance valid?

    The insurance commences on the day the purchased device is handed over or dispatched. It has a fixed minimum term of 12 months. If notice of termination is not given, the insurance is extended by 12 months, whereby termination is possible at any time in the second year. For Apple devices with no guarantee extension (statutory guarantee 2 years, guarantee term 1 year) a fixed insurance term of 12 months applies. The maximum term of the insurance is never longer than the device guarantee.

    Important: It is not possible to take out insurance retroactively.

  • In which cases does coverage end before the term ends?

    The insurance ends:

    • In case of a total loss
    • If the cumulated amount for several cases of damage exceeds the list price of the mobile device.
    • If the device is lost or stolen
  • What happens in case of an uninsured event?
    • The damage is not covered by the insurance.
    • If the device is lost or stolen, the insurance ends early.
  • What is the procedure when a device is damaged?
    1. Take the damaged device to a Swisscom shop
    2. The Swisscom Shop arranges for the repair or replacement.
    3. Pay the deductible of CHF 70 directly in the shop or by invoice


    If repairs are carried out by someone other than Swisscom, no indemnity can be paid. A damaged device must always be repaired through Swisscom.

  • What is the procedure following call misuse?

    Please contact AXA on: +41 52 218 95 28

  • Who can be contacted if the repair or repair decision is unsatisfactory?

    If you disagree with the repair or repair decision, please contact your Swisscom shop or the Swisscom hotline.

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