Carefree retirement package Personal legal protection for your retirement

Whether it’s a family argument, trouble after making a purchase or problems on the road, we’ll support you and fight for your rights.

Legal protection insurance for seniors

You can enjoy a less stressful life with AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance. We’re your expert partner when you have legal questions or when a minor disagreement turns into an expensive court case. To make sure you can enjoy ideal coverage at every stage in life, we have put together a range of legal protection packages. 

The carefree retirement package is there to help you in the third age, for instance if you have trouble with neighbors or a dispute over your car, a rental car or travel insurance, if you get embroiled a family argument or if you need to assert your rights as a patient against hospitals or doctors.

Legal protection for every situation in life

Thanks to its modular structure, AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance has the flexibility to adapt to your individual needs, so you can ensure that you’re fully covered in all areas and stages of your life.

The carefree retirement package comprises the following modules:

  • Home & Everyday: We help you defend your rights when you get involved in a dispute as a tenant, consumer or neighbor.
  • Mobility & Travel: Did the “idyllic country hotel” you booked turn out to be a dive right next to a highway? Are you at risk of losing your driver’s license? We can save you time, stress, and money.
  • Health & Personal Insurance: We’re your ideal partner for legal issues concerning sickness, medical malpractice, maternity, retirement or unemployment.
  • Partnership & Family: Our legal experts help you defend your rights in disputes over inheritance or other family matters.

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