Fired without notice or given a bad testimonial – you can quickly become involved in a legal dispute relating to your job through no fault of your own. AXA-ARAG's carefree at work package offers all-round protection against financial risks.

Legal protection insurance – employment law

Disputes in the workplace are very common. We're the strong partner you can rely on to advise you and defend your rights. The "Work" module of AXA-ARAG's personal legal protection insurance offers financial coverage for legal disputes to give you peace of mind in your job.

The carefree at work package helps you, for example, in the following cases:

  • You lose your job out of the blue. 
  • You're given a bad testimonial. 
  • You're not paid your overtime or guaranteed 13th monthly salary.
  • Your remaining vacation entitlement is canceled when your employment relationship ends.
  • You're accused of damaging work equipment and told you have to pay for the damage.
  • After an accident at work, the injured person sues you.
  • You have a second job working for yourself and would like to protect yourself against legal disputes.

 What does labor law protection insurance cover?

Have you been given a poor work reference or unjustified notice to quit? Does your employee refuse to pay you overtime as contractually agreed? Do you want to defend yourself against workplace discrimination? With AXA-ARAG as a strong partner by your side, you don't have to give in when it comes to labor law disputes.

Our legal experts help you deal with legal challenges. And fight for your rights if the worst comes to the worst.

The "Work" module of our personal legal protection insurance provides the following benefits for labor law disputes:

  • Lawyer fees
  • Court costs and debt enforcement officer's fees
  • Costs that may be requested by the opposing party
  • Costs of mediation, advice, and representation
  • Arbitration costs

Does labor law protection insurance make sense?

To be honest, we hope that you're never involved in a legal dispute or need legal protection insurance. But the fact is that more and more disputes are coming before the courts. And that can soon become expensive. 

Our labor law protection provides comprehensive cover against financial risk, which means that you can lean back and relax if a commonplace dispute becomes an expensive legal case. 

Flexible legal protection for every situation in life

Thanks to its modular structure, AXA-ARAG legal protection insurance has the flexibility to adapt to your individual needs, so you can ensure that you're fully covered in all areas and stages of your life.

Our tip for all-round protection at work: combine the "Work" and "Health & Personal Insurance" modules.

Are you a member of executive management?

The supplementary coverage for executives option insures you in labor law-related disputes with your employer as well as in criminal proceedings connected with your work activities. We’ll be happy to provide detailed information on our supplementary coverage: Request advice now.


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