Basic and supplementary insurance: can splitting save you money?

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Blog series “Your questions – our answers”: Health insurance premiums are costing more and more – which is a concern for many of our customers. Yet there is a simple way for insured persons to make savings: this is called “splitting”. Our AXA expert explains how it works.

Health insurance premiums go up year after year. Online comparison site predicts that prices will continue to spiral in 2019; insured persons will be faced with an increase of around 4%. This will put many people in a predicament, particularly families. Yet if you act now, you still stand to make savings next year despite rising premiums. The simplest way is by “splitting”, i.e. a careful separation of basic and supplementary insurance.

Save up to CHF 2000 by splitting

The benefits offered under basic health insurance are clearly defined in the Health Insurance Act (KVG) and are the same for all health insurers. Yet premiums can vary significantly between the various providers. This is why it is worthwhile comparing premiums  regularly and switching to the fund with the best-value rates. By switching to a different basic insurance, an individual can save up to CHF 500 a year, while a family can save as much as CHF 2,000. For supplementary insurance, the situation is slightly different since these premiums enjoy greater stability. In short: if you have found a supplementary insurance deal that meets your individual needs, you can retain this insurance in the long term.

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    Check your 2019 savings potential

    Switching your basic insurance offers you considerable savings potential this year too.


Each year, conveniently switch to the best-value insurer

Even though splitting is an easy way of reducing your healthcare costs, most insured persons do not take advantage of this method. Many worry that it will create more paperwork if they have their health insurance with various providers. We are aware of this issue and have therefore developed an innovative solution. The exclusive service package for our supplementary health insurance options will do this work for you. Each year, we’ll find the most affordable basic insurer for you and will take care of all the paperwork – from terminating your current insurance to registering you with your new insurer, thus saving you both time and money.

Switching service for basic insurance

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