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Now you can add to your personal liability policy

If you regularly rent cars or use carsharing in Switzerland or abroad, you can simply add rental car insurance to your personal liability policy to lower your deductible.

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Greater security with AXA

Carsharing is a sensible alternative to owning a car. But what about the insurance? The fact is: If you cause an accident with a hire car or carsharing vehicle, you yourself will have to pay some of the claim amount due to the high deductible. And it can easily cost you thousands of francs, depending on the provider.

You can of course opt for a lower deductible with extra insurance. But this in turn leads to a sharp hike in the hire price - which on first glance looked inexpensive. On the other hand, with AXA's Hire Car & Carsharing Insurance, you can, for an annual premium from around CHF 100, reduce the deductible to CHF 200 in the event of a claim.

Rental car insurance offers worldwide protection against: 

  • damage to cars you hire or use as part of a (car-)sharing scheme.
  • damage to vehicles provided by your employer for private use.
  • damage to watercraft or aircraft that you hire, such as a motor boat on vacation. 
  • damage to motor vehicles, watercraft or aircraft provided by a club or an association of which you are a member, e.g. a rowing club.

You will find GICs for policies taken out before 2020 in your myAXA customer portal.

Examples of a claim

Accident with hire car

Accident with hire car

Anna and Martin are honeymooning on Lake Como. Martin brushes his hire car against a house front while trying to negotiate the narrow streets of a small town. The result: a big scratch across the front-side passenger door.

  1. Statement of costs
  2. Deductible for hire car insurance CHF 3, 000
  3. Martin's deductible (with AXA) CHF 200
  4. Compensation by AXA CHF 2, 800

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