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Are you traveling abroad by car? If so, you might need a green card. This confirms that you have liability insurance for your car. 


Where do you need a green card?

You don’t need a green card to drive in any EU/EEA member state (apart from the UK), Andorra or Serbia, but we recommend keeping one in your car at all times to be on the safe side.

The following countries require a green card:

Country list
Albania Bosnia and Herzegovina
Israel Morocco
North Macedonia Moldova
Montenegro Tunisia
Turkey Ukraine
United Kingdom  

Please note

Not all countries accept the green card. Each country has its own rules. 

  • The General Insurance Conditions (GIC) always take precedence. The precise version is stated on your insurance contract (policy). Our tip: take a moment to check your contract in the myAXA customer portal before every road trip outside Switzerland. 
  • If you’re driving into a country that isn’t listed here or in the GIC, you’ll need to take out frontier insurance at the customs office. This frontier insurance is only valid in that country and is needed in case an insured event happens. 
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Support and frequently asked questions

  • When do I need a green card?

    When you’re involved in an accident while driving abroad. The green card confirms that you have liability insurance for your car. It isn’t needed in the countries bordering Switzerland, which have signed up to the license plate agreement. Nevertheless, we recommend keeping a green card in your car. 

    License plate agreement: In countries that have signed up to the agreement, a car’s license plate is recognized as proof that it’s covered by liability insurance.

  • What exactly is frontier insurance?

    Like the green card, frontier insurance proves that you’ve taken out liability insurance for the car you’re driving. 

    You need to buy it in countries that don’t accept the green card and haven’t signed up to the license plate agreement. The premium has to be paid directly at the customs office.


  • How long is a green card valid?

    In principle, the green card is valid as long as your liability insurance, but it does have an expiration date. Be sure to check that it’s still valid before you set off. 

  • Where can I find more information?

    You’ll find everything you need to know about the green card on the Swiss National Bureau of Insurance website.

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