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Calculating your building’s energy efficiency and CO₂ emissions is free and easy. You can use our building check to measure the energy performance of your building and receive an initial assessment of what needs to be renovated.

Our building analysis – your advantages

  1. Savings potential: Learn how much energy your building currently uses and how high the costs and emissions are – it’s free and easy.
  2. Clear assessment of energy efficiency: You will receive the estimated energy class and CO₂ emissions for your building, including an energy rating using the labels A to G.
  3. Personalized renovation roadmap: Based on the results of your building analysis, you have the option to order a custom renovation roadmap from us.

What we offer: Your personalized renovation roadmap

Improve the energy consumption of your building, save money and cut your CO₂ emissions over the long run when you use our personalized renovation roadmap.
Our offer includes

  • a detailed and precise analysis of your building, including an energy certificate
  • an overview of which energy costs have savings potential
  • concrete renovation suggestions for each structural component, including cost estimate, action plan and information about available subsidies
  • a customized energy certificate, which gives you the option to upgrade to GEAK Plus

Your personalized renovation roadmap will be compiled by NORM Technologies (in German), our cooperation partner and energy expert in the area of building renovations, specializing in seamless digital energy analyses. Exclusive advantages for you: Because you are an AXA customer, we will give you a discount of at least CHF 200.

What’s involved in making energy efficiency improvements to a building?

An energy renovation includes a number of measures that are aimed at improving the energy efficiency of a house, older construction or a commercial building in order to save on costs and minimize its impact on the environment over the long term. These measures typically include:

  • updating the heating
  • integrating and using renewable energies (e.g. photovoltaic systems)
  • optimizing insulation in the roof and/or basement ceiling
  • optimizing insulation on the façade
  • replacing windows and doors
  • refurbishing or replacing heating and cooling systems

What subsidies are available for energy renovations?

In Switzerland, there are various subsidies available for energy efficiency improvement projects. These include state programs, subsidies from the cantons and financing initiatives from local communities or energy suppliers. The Swiss Building Program (in German) has four different categories of subsidies: individual measures, such as replacing heating and using renewable energies, complete renovations, new constructions and bonuses. We recommend that you look into the current subsidy programs that are available and their specific requirements and clarify any regional differences.

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    Subsidies for energy efficiency improvements

    The website provides information on subsidies, funding programs and the right solution for your project.

    To Energiefranken (in German)

What are the advantages of an energy renovation?

Making energy efficiency improvements offers you lots of advantages – a permanent impact on your wallet, the climate, the livability of your home and the value of your property:

  • Reducing energy consumption:By better insulating your building, such as optimizing the efficiency of your outer walls, replacing doors and windows and updating the heating system, you could reduce your energy consumption by more than half, which positively impacts the CO₂ footprint of your building. Even though they have their own unique charm, older buildings in particular are, for the most part, poorly insulated, offering enormous potential for energy savings.
  • Lower energy costs:By improving the energy efficiency of your house, you will see a lasting reduction in your energy costs. But it’s important to make sure you have received comprehensive advice before you start. This is because some energy improvements only make sense if additional building maintenance can be started at the same time so the work can be coordinated. For example, if you insulate the façade of the building, you should also install new windows at the same time. This will save you some 30 percent in heating costs.
  • Using renewable energies:Switching from fossil fuels to renewable energies such as solar or geothermal is one step further in support of the energy transition. The advantage of combining a photovoltaic system with a heat pump is that the solar energy that is produced can be optimally used and stored as well. From a financial standpoint, it’s worth your while getting as much energy as you can from solar power. This cuts your electrical grid costs and reduces your exposure to fluctuations in the price of electricity. In order to ensure that your new heat pump, photovoltaic or solar power system lasts you a long time, you can insure it under building insurance.
  • Make your home more comfortable:Regardless of whether you have an older house, a townhouse or rent an apartment, having your home fitted out with the latest energy standards makes it more comfortable and improves your quality of living. Optimizing the thermal insulation in your home ensures a consistent temperature throughout the entire space, making your home more pleasant. The days of drafts whipping through the house are a thing of the past once you invest in a better insulated building envelope – especially when you seal the windows and outside doors well and waterproof the roof.
  • Increasing your property value: In addition to taking measures to preserve the value of your property, an energy renovation can even increase your property value over the long term. Not only does renovating the building make it look better and improve its energy efficiency, it also pays off in the long run because it extends the economic lifetime of the property and makes it easier to sell or rent out.
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    Discount for sustainable mortgages

    Whether you’re interested in heating system replacements, more efficient thermal insulation or switching to renewable energies, we can help you with your project with a sustainability discount on our mortgage products.

    More about sustainable mortgages

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