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Corporate Health Management (CHM) WeCare

Promotes your employees’ mental health
Boosts employee motivation
Reduces health-related absences
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Healthy and motivated employees are an important success factor for companies. Those who feel appreciated and fit are more productive and are less likely to be off work. This saves resources and ultimately also costs. Good reasons for promoting a healthy corporate culture - and for getting started with WeCare and your entire team.  

What is Corporate Health Management (CHM)?

The aim of Corporate Health Management (or CHM) is to maintain and promote the health of employees in a company. Occupational health and safety measures focus on the mental and physical wellbeing of your employees and help prevent occupational accidents and illnesses. This pays off both from an ethical and business perspective: Corporate Health Management boosts happiness in your team, helps productivity and willingness to perform in your company and contributes to lowering the cost of health-related absences. On average, every franc you invest in CHM pays you back three times over.

WeCare: AXA’s Corporate Health Management

WeCare is the comprehensive solution for employee health in your company. With AXA personal insurance (accidentdaily benefits insurance and/or occupational benefits solution), your company can benefit from WeCare and also use AXA Care Management in addition to preventive health services. Companies with more than 50 employees are also allocated their own contact person to advise them on all matters of employee health, support and, if necessary, involve other experts.

Support - prevention - reintegration into the workforce

With WeCare, you know that your employees’ wellbeing is always in good hands, leaving you to continue concentrating on tasks in your daily business routine that require your full attention and expertise. Your core business.


Your personal WeCare customer advisor is there to support you if you have any questions concerning employee health, to advise you on prevention, support you in implementing measures and establishes contact with Care Management in the event of illness or accident in your company. This means that the issue of employee health is always handled professionally in your company and you have a contact person you can turn to with any of your queries, saving you time, effort and energy. 


Whether a digital health coach or a seminar on the early recognition of burnout: preventive measures are a key feature of WeCare. Here AXA helps you to identify potential health risks early in your company and to take preventive action to promote your employees’ wellbeing. This improves the working environment and prevents health-related absences, meaning that your team stays happy, healthy, and productive.

1. Analyze

  • Working Environment Compass:  the digital health platform for measuring your employees’ mental stress and physical ailments , including initial recommendations for action and access to the platform’s comprehensive catalog of measures.
  • Free  CHM initial consultation: advice from CHM and AXA experts
  • Personal support from the WeCare team: from analyzing the situation to taking action and measuring success
  • Annual prevention report: simple overview of your current DSBI and AIA contracts, including identification of potential savings and sector comparison (from five employees)
  • Software Sunetplus: the PC software for efficient absence management and simplified claims administration

You can find more information on our external partners in the partner overview.

2. Raise awareness

  • ensa: Management seminar “First Aid Consultations for Managers” focusing on mental health
  • medbase Fit im Job:
    • Free introductory webinar on health management. You can find all current dates here (in german)
    • Seminars and webinars for your team on a wide range of topics, ranging from “Healthy working at the computer” to “Dealing with stress”
    • Management seminar for ExB members: “Health is a management issue!”
    • “Mental Health” lunch & learn
    • HR “Energy Check” assessment, including coaching for employees on early intervention for burnout risk

3. Activate

  • Health Keeper: digital health platform for measuring the health age of your employees, including specific recommendations on improving employee health
  • HelloBetter: online courses on preventing and dealing with burnout, depression, sleeping problems and other types of mental stress
  • Kinastic: virtual health coach with customized programs on fitness, exercise at work, nutrition and mental strength

Reintegration into the workforce

If there is a risk of an employee being unfit for work for an extended period, quick action is called for. The faster action is taken, the higher the success rate for recovery and reintegrating the employee, thus averting and long-term absences and the related costs. As part of WeCare, AXA Care Management’s aim is to quickly support companies and those affected in the event of incapacity for work, identify the causes of absence and optimize the situation over the long term. This way, neither you nor your employees have to deal with or take responsibility for labor legislation issues, communication obstacles or neutral assessment of the employee’s incapacity for work. 

This is how WeCare works

  1. Contact us: would you like to find out more about WeCare? Please contact us. Your personal WeCare advisor will contact you and introduce the service to you.
  2. Collect data: suitable analysis tools are used to determine whether and where in your company there is a need for action on the issue of employee health (e.g. using the  Working Environment Compass or Health Keeper).
  3. Discuss results: the collected data is discussed with your WeCare contact person and an AXA CHM expert to identify potential improvements. 
  4. Define, take and assess action: you and your AXA contact person decide together what measures are most suitable for your company and objectives - and how these can be effectively implemented and evaluated. 

WeCare offers your company this added value

Do your employees have a healthy approach to dealing with stress? Is it time for an extra motivation boost in your team? Or would you like to keep a grip on absenteeism costs? You can discuss your questions on employee health with WeCare experts and find the right solution for your query.

An individual solution for every query

Promoting the mental health of your employees

Stress and pressure are continuing to increase in the world of work. Three out of ten employees report that they are suffering from stress, more than half are emotionally drained. Early identification of mental illnesses and dealing properly with them are therefore a key aspect in corporate health promotion.

Here AXA’s experts support you in highlighting psychosocial risks in the workplace and introducing suitable measures to protect your employees’ mental health. This way, you will not only boost your employees’ happiness, but rather reduce your business and staff costs over the long term. 

You can also find more information in the Mental Health subject area. 


Increasing employee motivation

Companies with high employee satisfaction levels are demonstrably more productive, receive better reviews from customers, record lower absenteeism and benefit from their good image. Those who invest in their team’s happiness will not only be able to find it easier to attract new talent, but also to retain them in the company over the long term.

The right choice of (motivation) measures is crucial to promoting loyalty and employee retention. The WeCare experts help you identify and implement such measures so that your employees feel recognized, understood and appreciated. You will thus improve employee motivation and the working environment in your company by up to 20 percent.


Reducing health-related absences

On average, Swiss employees take seven days of sick leave per year. Added to this are long-term absences which account for around 41 percent of days absent in Swiss companies. Absenteeism means mainly costs and hassle for employers. If employees are absent, others have to cover for them or carry out more work or, in the event of long-term absences, new employees have to be hired.

The good news is that absenteeism can be reduced by 12 - 36 percent through targeted health promotion. The WeCare experts help you exploit this potential and minimize the number of short and long-term absences in your company. This not only reduces your operating and staff costs over the long term, but also increases your whole team’s satisfaction levels. 


Support and frequently asked questions

  • What are the benefits of Corporate Health Management?

    According to statistics, around 60 percent of absences in Swiss companies are due to a medical necessity. Around 40 percent of absenteeism cases are motivation-related. Corporate Health Management helps in both instances: through targeted measures, your employees’ motivation and some medically indicated absences can be reduced. This means that Corporate Health Management has a positive impact on around half of all illness-related absences. This helps both employees and companies alike:  


    • Increase your team’s wellbeing and happiness
    • Improve the working environment
    • Secure your team’s ability to perform
    • Increase employer attractiveness
    • Reduce costs through fewer illness-related absences
  • What is the difference between corporate health management and corporate health promotion (CHP)?

    There isn't any real difference; they both belong together:

    Corporate health management  is a management task and includes controlling and integrating all the company's processes with the aim of maintaining and promoting employee health, motivation, and wellbeing.

    Corporate health promotion (CHP) includes all the measures that directly or indirectly influence behavior and circumstances with a view to promoting health. 

  • How can my company use WeCare?

    WeCare is an exclusive offer for AXA customers with daily sickness benefits insurance and/or an occupational benefits solution. With WeCare, your company has access to a large selection of preventive services for improving employee health and can access the support of AXA Care Management for potential long-term absences. Companies with more than 50 employees will also be allocated a contact person to personally support them with all their queries on their employees’ health. 

  • How expensive is CHM?

    All in all, corporate health management saves on costs, as every franc you invest pays you back three times over, and thanks to the systematic approach, companies not only save costs but also time.

    WeCare, AXA’s Corporate Health Management offering, has a broad range of both free and chargeable offers for employee health. Initial analysis with different tools, AXA Care Management and many other measures are available to you for free with your AXA personal insurance. There is also a comprehensive selection of other services from our external partners that you can use at reduced rates as an AXA corporate customer. 

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