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Now you can add to your household contents insurance

You can customize your household contents insurance to give yourself complete protection. This way your favorite possessions can also be insured against loss and damage, even if you’re responsible for the loss or damage. Simply select one or more modules to add to your household contents insurance

  • Smartphones, tablets and consumer electronics 
  • Sports equipment such as bicycles and e-bikes 
  • Medical aids such as eyeglasses and hearing aids 

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All-round protection for bicycles, e-bikes, and other sports equipment

While you only need running clothes and a pair of shoes to jog, other types of sports require expensive equipment. What would a cyclist be without a bike, a snowboarder without a board, and a golfer without clubs and a caddy? If your skis aren’t where you left them at the restaurant after lunch or the frame of your racing bike is damaged after a fall, it is twice as frustrating: Firstly, because of the risk of an involuntary break from sports, but also because you have to replace the expensive equipment.

Your household contents insurance covers sports equipment – but not necessarily in all cases.

Household contents insurance protects all your household contents against theft and damage from fire, water, and natural forces. This includes your new e-bike, golf equipment, or other sports equipment belonging to your family or household. The problem: Most sports accidents or thefts don’t happen at home, but rather when your are on the go or on vacation. That’s why it is a good idea to expand your insurance to cover expensive equipment. 

With our insurance for sports equipment and bicycles, you can also cover loss, damage caused by yourself or a third party, and “theft away from home.” This way, you can enjoy surfing in Portugal or cycling in Liguria without worrying about your equipment.

You will find GICs for policies taken out before October 2021 in your myAXA client portal.

Benefits for sports equipment and bicycle insurance

Whether your are doing your favorite sport or on the way to your vacation with all your own equipment – our sports equipment and bicycle insurance covers the financial consequences of damage, theft, or loss of e-bikes & co. Including the equipment of everyone in your household.

Which risks are insured?

  • Sudden and unforeseen damage: For example, if a rock damages your daughter’s snowboard to such an extent that it breaks in two.
  • Loss: If your kayak flows downriver after an unsuccessful maneuver.
  • Theft away from home: For example, if your e-bike or parts of it are stolen during your vacation.

Which sports equipment is insured?

Our sports equipment insurance covers all bicycles and sports equipment in your household: Your own and that of your partner, children, or other family members and roommates. Among other things, the insurance covers: 

  • E-bikes (battery and display are covered), racing bikes or mopeds (including helmet)
  • E-scooters, segways
  • Surfboards or SUPs
  • Skis and snowboards (including helmets)
  • Paragliders
  • Golf equipment
  • Climbing equipment
  • Home exercise equipment

What is not covered?

Athletic apparel such as ski clothing, cycling clothing, or sports shoes are not covered by the insurance. Devices used to measure performance are also not included in the insurance.

For which sports is the insurance for sports equipment and bicycles especially well suited?

Sports equipment, especially for cycling, water sports, or winter sports, can really entail a financial investment. As soon as you or someone else in your household owns an expensive bike, a pair of the latest downhill skis, or a brand-new wakeboard, the insurance can quickly become worthwhile.


E-bikes, racing bikes, bicycles, mountain bikes, mopeds, etc.

Water sports:

SUPs, surfboards, kiteboards, wakeboards, canoes, kayaks, diving gear, fishing gear, etc.

Winter sports:

Downhill skis, snowboards, cross-country skis, touring skis, etc.

Aviation sports:

Paragliding gear, parachutes, etc.

Other types of sports:

Golf equipment, tennis rackets, fishing gear, climbing gear, etc.

Claim scenario:

Accident on the e-bike

Accident on the e-bike

On her first trip on her new e-bike, Johanna underestimates her speed: She falls while crossing an intersection, and the expensive bike is badly damaged.

  1. Breakdown of costs
  2. E-bike repair CHF 2,130
  3. Johanna's deductible CHF 200
  4. Compensation from AXA CHF 1,930

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All-round protection for your other favorite possessions

AXA offers you the opportunity to arrange special protection for your favorite items – either as a supplement to your household contents insurance or as an individual policy. And not only for sports equipment like racing bikes, surfboards, or downhill skis. The insurance also covers electronic devices such as drones or medical aids like glasses for paragliding or hearing devices.

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    Household contents insurance

    Protect your possessions against hazards such as fire, water damage, and theft.

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    Insurance for cellphones & co.

    Loss, theft, or damage: With our insurance for electronic devices, you are covered in practically all claim situations regarding your cellphone & co.

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    Insurance for eyeglasses & co.

    With this supplementary coverage, AXA covers damage to your expensive designer glasses, hearing devices, wheelchairs, and other medical aids.

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