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Cyber insurance from AXA: Protection for your company against cyber crime

Cyber insurance

Cyber crime and data misuse are growing threats for every company. AXA’s cyber insurance bears the costs if protection systems fail and employees act against the interests of their company.

  • Assumption of costs due to business interruption
  • Assumption of costs for restoring data
  • Assumption of costs of crisis management

How to protect yourself against cyber attacks

AXA offers you protection against not only cyber attacks, but also against all other risks that can threaten your IT.


  • Sales compensation in case of business interruption
  • Costs of reproduction of lost data
  • Costs of reproduction of operating systems and user programs
  • Payment of justified liability claims and rejection of unjustified claims
  • Immediate help in case of a cybervent by a cyber-expert of Oneconsult Ltd.
  • Costs of official data protection proceedings

Insured events:

  • Implementation of malware (trojans, computer viruses, etc.)
  • Hacker attacks
  • Data misuse
  • Data manipulation
  • Publication of data
  • Lost data
  • System outage
  • Misappropriation of the system

Optional enhancements:

  • Manipulation of online banking or of the online payment system
  • Phone-hacking
  • Social Engineering (Human Hacking)

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