Cyber prevention services

Are you looking to make lasting improvements to IT security in your company? We can help you with our cyber prevention services.

Identify cyber risks thanks to AXA's prevention service

Cyber attacks can have serious consequences – from financial losses to losing your customers’ confidence to a reduction in your operating business. And cyber criminals are increasingly targeting small businesses. They may take advantage of data leaks and weak spots in a website’s configuration or launch network attacks, which can quickly become a threat.

If you are the victim of a cyber crime , AXA can help you to recognize the weak points in your IT security.

How secure is your IT infrastructure?

Scans – Monitoring – Awareness: All on one platform

You can only take effective measures to keep your IT systems safe once you really understand what cyber prevention means. And with AXA, you've got the right partner at your side. Our cyber prevention service includes regular analysis of your current cyber security status, information on how to deal with the latest threats, and everything you need to make life harder for cyber criminals. It gives you access to the tools you need in order to assess the current status of your IT security and, based on your assessment, shows you the right security measures to take if you discover any vulnerabilities. 

Our cyber prevention service includes:

  • Network scans
  • Website and email server scans
  • Credit card and telephone monitoring
  • Phishing prevention
  • Push notifications if there are any cyber risks

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