Cyber prevention service

If you're looking to make lasting improvements to IT security in your company, AXA's prevention service can help you with training and defensive measures.

Identify cyber risks thanks to AXA's free prevention service

The statistics show that around 70% of all cyber incidents at Swiss SMEs are caused by employees' actions. A misplaced click or an unintentional download can be all it takes for hackers to get what they want.

People make mistakes, which is why hackers are increasingly focusing their attacks on the human factor to gain access to companies' critical infrastructure. They use various forms of social engineering, for example, to exploit employees' good faith and make them perform certain actions without thinking.

Stop cyber criminals in their tracks: AXA can help you to train your staff in cyber defense and to identify weaknesses in your IT security. 

How secure is your IT infrastructure?

Cyber security training

AXA's cyber prevention service is based on an innovative digital learning platform that can provide your staff with regular training and raise their awareness of cyber threats. They learn how to use the internet and company IT systems safely and how to identify potential risks at an early stage.


Your staff learn about cyber security through entertaining tutorial videos.


They practice and consolidate what they've learned by taking interactive quizzes and reacting to simulated threats, after which they get a score.


They can have fun competing with each other by comparing their scores in league tables.

Want to assess your IT security in the space of five minutes? Use our Cyber Security Check!

IT security platform

You can only take effective measures to keep your IT systems safe if you really understand what cyber prevention means. With AXA, you've got the right partner at your side. Our cyber prevention service includes regular analysis of your current cyber security status, information on how to deal with the latest threats, and everything you need to make life harder for cyber criminals. It also gives you access to our IT security platform, which brings together all your SME's security-relevant information and serves as an invaluable tool for monitoring and improving all of your IT security measures. Features of our IT security platform:


Monthly reports with a continually updated cyber security score keep you and your IT service provider informed about your company's IT security status. 


AXA proactively supplies you with information and e-mails about new risks based on your security score, your employees' learning progress, and the current threat situation.


All test results are used to work out specific recommendations for your business. These include preventive measures and emergency plans that help you minimize your risk of falling prey to a cyber attack and steadily improve the security of your systems together with your staff and IT service provider.

Run the Cyber Security Check right now to find out in less than five minutes how secure your company's IT is.

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