Impact Hub Zurich works in partnership with AXA

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Setting up a new company raises various questions and entails a number of risks. Impact Hub Zurich helps companies take this step into independence and provides them with support. To ensure its own long-term protection, Impact Hub Zurich relies on strong partnerships like the one it has with AXA.

When people go into business, they undertake a certain amount of risk. When founding a new company, resources are usually limited and there are many factors that are beyond the person's control. Impact Hub Zurich is aware of the risks and its members’ concerns. It has a broad-based team of experts from various business areas available to assist the community. Impact Hub Zurich aims to reduce the risks facing its members so that they can focus fully on their projects.

Valuable support for start-ups

Impact Hub Zurich is a community of more than 1,000 proactive individuals who are shaping a collaborative world. It brings start-ups, freelancers and creative minds together with major companies, institutions and dedicated citizens to work on innovation, sustainability and climate issues. It has a people-centric and technology-assisted approach. Impact Hub Zurich  provides its community with curated co-working spaces, events and programs at three locations in Zurich, which benefit the whole start-up ecosystem. "When people go into business, it's often a rollercoaster ride", says Karin Stephan, Head of the Impact Hub community in Zurich. Impact Hub Zurich does everything possible to get start-ups off the ground, from business plan advice to facilitating corporate contacts.

«We believe that anything is possible when you work together – the best example of this is our partnership with AXA.»

Karin Stephan, Community Builder Impact Hub Zurich

The personal advice provided by Impact Hub Zurich helps its members to develop purposefully  and network with other members, thus helping them achieve their professional goals. However, even a team like the one headed by Karin Stephan can reach their limits in certain respects. «We are not trying to be experts in all areas ourselves. To lessen our own load, if we have specific insurance questions we contact our AXA advisors directly», says Stephan. The AXA start-up package not only comprises tailored business insurance – it also includes online legal advice from MyRight.ch, legal information over the phone via AXAjur, and other initial help that could be important for a smooth start.

SME service: Start-up package

Young entrepreneurs face many questions when starting a company. That's why AXA has created an extensive start-up package that not only covers their insurance needs, but also provides comprehensive advice on establishing a company. In the AXA start-up guide you will find numerous tips for becoming self-employed. The package also includes the online legal portal MyRights.ch – an informative guide that is easy for laypeople to understand.

The benefits of our start-up package:

  • Start-up subsidy of CHF 500 when taking out insurance
  • Access to the online legal portal Myright.ch
  • Start-up guide with numerous tips
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    Every third SME is insured with AXA

    Successful together: AXA is not just an insurance company. It is a partner that supports your SME with numerous useful services.

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    SME insurance check

    Are you establishing a company but don't know what insurance you need? Or do you want to check that your company is correctly insured?


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