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Real estate funds for institutional investors AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilien Schweiz

Stable cash inflows
Unlisted real estate fund
Additional diversification
Key points at a glance
  • Quality and value: The AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilien Schweiz invests in high-quality real estate with a focus on residential property.
  • Stable performance: The unlisted fund valued at NAV aims to deliver performance and distributions that are both stable and continuous.
  • Experience that pays: Our experienced and skilled real estate experts manage more than 700 properties with a volume of over CHF 15 billion.

Attractive investment opportunities with real estate funds

The persisting phase of low interest rates is pushing institutional investors to look for investment alternatives. Real estate funds are therefore playing an increasingly important part in pension funds’ asset investments. For example, there has been a recent shift in the weightings of pension funds’ portfolios away from bonds and toward real estate. That said, real estate too exhibits major qualitative differences which investors need to take into account. This is because the yield a property generates is determined by a range of criteria, such as location, type of use, and vacancy rate. A fundamentally sound property selection process is needed if real estate is to at least partially compensate for pension funds’ lack of cash inflows.

In the past, listed real estate funds were sometimes affected by increased market volatility, leading to undesirable fluctuations in value in the context of the portfolio as a whole. To avoid this, it makes sense to implement the majority of the real estate allocation in the form of unlisted real estate investments. These unlisted real estate investments in particular should continue to have a value-stabilizing effect on the portfolio as a whole in the future (see chart).

Unlisted real estate funds offer stability in value

Source: AXA Insurance Ltd and Bloomberg, January 1, 2016 – December 31, 2022, illustrative representation. The historical stability of an investment’s value provides no guarantee of its future performance.

AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilien Schweiz

AXA invests for the long term and offers a solid, sustainable real estate portfolio with the following characteristics:

  • High proportion of residential properties
  • Broad diversification of properties and locations, with the aim of achieving stable earnings over the long term
  • Broad diversification across attractive business and residential regions of Switzerland
  • High-growth business regions
  • Low vacancy rates
  • Central locations within municipalities
Breakdown by use

Source: AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilien Schweiz, as at December 31, 2022

What sets us apart as real estate experts

  • AXA Switzerland and AXA Investment Managers are experienced and skilled real estate experts
  • More than 700 properties with a volume of over CHF 15 billion throughout Switzerland
  • Leading position Europe-wide in the field of real estate investments
  • AXA's pension fund also invests in AXA Vorsorge Fonds Immobilien Schweiz

Frequently asked questions

  • What are the opportunities and risks of investments in unlisted mortgage real estate funds?


    • Stable cash inflows
    • Should continue to help stabilize the value of the portfolio as a whole in the future
    • Additional diversification
    • Easy access to indirect, diversified investments in real estate
    • Property valuation at net asset value (no premium)


    • Limited liquidity (limited tradability)
    • As well as leading to upward revaluations, valuation adjustments applied to real estate can also result in devaluations and therefore in a lower net asset value
    • Changes in the interest rate environment can have a strong impact on the performance of real estate investments

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