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Increased happiness and productivity. Greater employer attractiveness. Fewer long-term absences. Using the Working Atmosphere Compass, you can determine quickly and easily what the status of employee health is in your company and what measures you can take to reinforce it in the long term. Are you ready to improve your working atmosphere? 

What is the Working Atmosphere Compass?

The Working Atmosphere Compass is a quick and effective tool that analyzes problems in the workplace and reinforces employee health in your company in a targeted fashion. The tool was developed by DearEmployee and provides an insight into the health, motivation and company loyalty of your staff through continuous employee surveys.

The Working Atmosphere Compass also formulates recommendations for concrete action based on individually collected data that is customized to your company to improve the working atmosphere and reduce the health risks in your company. 

This way, it helps you identify early and take measures promptly to counteract psychological and physical stresses of your staff – and is therefore an important tool of WeCare, AXA's offer for better employee health

Insight into the Working Atmosphere Compass

Insight into the Working Atmosphere Compass

This is why the Working Atmosphere Compass is worthwhile

Healthy and motivated employees are the basis for a successful company. If staff suffer under pressurized working conditions or stress, this can result in more accidents, absenteeism or long-term absences. It's worthwhile investing in your employees' health and motivation, both ethically and financially: 

The Working Atmosphere Compass enables you to address the subject of stress at work without using a great deal of time or staff resources. The Working Atmosphere Compass gives you feedback from your employees quickly and easily. You always know the status of your employees' health, motivation and company loyalty - and you can take targeted action to reinforce these over the long term. This saves you money and makes you more attractive as an employer.  

How does the Working Atmosphere Compass work?

The key functions of the Working Atmosphere Compass center on questioning employees, reviewing the results for their relevance to your company and suggesting appropriate action and measures to improve health in the workplace:

  • Scientifically based employee surveys: Your employees answer an online questionnaire on working conditions, health, motivation and company loyalty. The gathered anonymized survey results can be downloaded in the Working Atmosphere Compass within a few minutes. At no time can specific individuals be identified. 
  • Recommended action and measures to minimize health risks: the Working Atmosphere Compass recommends suitable action based on the survey results. From management coaching to time management workshops and digital mindfulness courses: you can find suitable measures for your company's health and employees through the Working Atmosphere Compass marketplace and easily book them yourself.
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Get started with the Working Atmosphere Compass free of charge 

Does your company have personal insurance with AXA (accident, daily benefits insurance and/or occupational benefits solution)? Then you and your team can exclusively use the Working Atmosphere Compass: 

Free of charge: Working Atmosphere Compass BASIC

With AXA's group personal insurance, the BASIC package of the Working Atmosphere Compass is available to you free of charge for 12 months and for up to 500 employees.

In addition to the platform, the BASIC package also contains the kick-off meeting and an assessment workshop with a CHM advisor from AXA WeCare. You can get to know the key functionalities of the Working Atmosphere Compass at no risk and check its long-term use - in companies with more than 500 employees also in selected areas. 

Termination of the Working Atmosphere Compass is not necessary, as the BASIC package expires after 12 months and is not automatically renewed.

30% discount: Working Atmosphere Compass PLUS

The Working Atmosphere Compass PLUS is particularly suitable for companies that are interested in a more in-depth analysis of their employees' health problems and for large companies that would like to filter the generated results by organizational unit and management level. With group personal insurance from AXA, you benefit from a 30% discount and receive the Working Atmosphere Compass PLUS for CHF 2,650 p.a. rather than around CHF 3,700 – including licenses for up to 100 employees. Additional licenses can be added on in factors of 50.

Vergleich Arbeitsklima-Kompass Basis vs. Plus

Frequently asked questions

  • What is the connection between AXA and DearEmployee?

    The Working Atmosphere Compass is run by our partner DearEmployee. The advice based on the Working Atmosphere Compass (questionnaires, results and/or measures) is provided by your AXA WeCare advisor. For this purpose, your advisor is able to view your company's pseudonymized assessment results. In doing so, anonymity is guaranteed at all times: it is not possible to identify specific individuals from the analysis of your employee survey. 

  • What happens when the Working Atmosphere Compass's contract term runs out after 12 months? Do I have to terminate the Working Atmosphere Compass?

    The Working Atmosphere Compass's contract term is 12 months for both the BASIC and PLUS packages. Your contract expires with the contract term and is not automatically renewed. This means that you do not have to terminate the Working Atmosphere Compass, but you can test the tool for 12 months without any risk.  

    If you and your staff are won over by the Working Atmosphere Compass after a year, you can switch from the BASIC to the PLUS package or simply renew your existing PLUS package. Do you have any questions? The AXA WeCare advisors will be happy to help you.  

  • For which kind of companies is Working Atmosphere Compass suitable?

    The Working Atmosphere Compass can be optimally adapted to the specific features of your company and sector through artificial intelligence. For this reason, the tool is suitable for companies of all sectors and organizational forms. Only limitation: use of the Working Atmosphere Compass is advisable for companies with a workforce of at least ten. This guarantees the usefulness of the survey results and anonymity of the participants.

  • Can employee surveys be adapted or individually enhanced to sector and company?

    The Working Atmosphere Compass automatically gears your employee survey to your company's sector. As the analysis has a scientific basis that goes beyond a pure employee survey, there are no individual questions as standard. If specifically required, additional questions can be included on request. Furthermore, the analysis of working conditions can be specified by the use of individual tags.

    This way, the tool has already successfully recorded the working conditions of IT specialists, sales staff, laboratory personnel, teachers, production staff and many other professional groups. 

  • In which languages is the Working Atmosphere Compass available?

    The platform for managing the surveys and measures can be used in English and German. The survey itself can currently be conducted in seven languages in total. Dutch, Polish, Romanian and Turkish are also possible in addition to English, French and German - ideal for international teams. 

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