Be wise before the event – through accident prevention

Over a million accidents occur in Switzerland every year, most of them at home or generally during leisure time. So effective accident prevention doesn't just apply to the workplace. We'll help you make sure your employees know the key accident prevention rules.

Prevention at the workplace and on the journey to/from work

Employee absences cause bottlenecks, scheduling problems and stress for other staff – they cost you a lot of money, and sometimes they could even cost you a customer.

Modern prevention takes a holistic approach

  • Safety measures
  • Occupational health measures
  • Proactive health protection
  • Ensuring effective first aid measures are in place

Occupational safety and economic efficiency are not mutually exclusive!

  • Improve operating and business processes
  • A sign of respect for your employees
  • Fewer hours lost
  • Less administration
  • Less stress
  • Stable insurance premiums
  • Compliance with your legal obligation as an employer
  • Avoid liability claims or even criminal penalties

Measures that have proven their effectiveness minimize the workplace risks of accidents, occupational diseases and work-related health hazards – and they optimize costs.

Legal background

Businesses insured under the Federal Act on Accident Insurance (UVG) must comply with the Guideline on the Consultation of Occupational Physicians and Other Occupational Safety Specialists (ASA) issued by the Federal Coordination Commission for Occupational Safety (FCOS) . This guideline is based on the Federal Act on Accident Insurance and the Ordinance on the Prevention of Accidents and Occupational Diseases (OPA).

Download the ASA Guideline (in German)

Preventing non-occupational accidents – can it be done?

Employers have an obligation to prevent occupational accidents, whereas prevention of non-occupational accidents (NOAs) is voluntary. Many companies have successfully proven that it's also possible to exert a positive influence on their employees' behavior during their free time. This yields benefits for the company as well as the workforce.

Accident statistics argue clearly in favor of preventing NOAs.

Because accidents in free time are so frequent, it pays off for companies to commit to preventing NOAs.

Where do most accidents happen?

  1. During free time and at home
  2. Sports
  3. Workplace and traffic

Which accidents cause the highest total costs?

  1. Accidents during free time and at home
  2. Accidents at work
  3. Traffic accidents

Our services

  • Training on occupational safety and health protection

    Do you want basic training on occupational safety and health protection for businesses in accordance with the Guidelines on the Consultation of Occupational Physicians and Other Occupational Safety Specialists (ASA)? Training can be geared to the requirements of the entire workforce, management staff or any other employee group.

    You receive professional advice on workplace safety that is tailored to your company's specific needs. Our specialist advice will relieve pressure on your safety officers and executives. Individual businesses, groups of companies, municipalities, care homes and hospitals will all benefit equally from the three-stage approach:

    1. Immediate, on-site risk assessment by occupational safety specialists
    2. Analysis of past cases and location of risks
    3. Advice on risk potential for new procurements, new buildings or conversions.
  • Preventing traffic accidents

    We offer you a variety of free or discounted services: statistical & analysis tools, personal advice, crash recorders, a presentation on prevention or discounted training courses on safe driving . We also supply various information packs to raise your employees' awareness. You will find more information here.

  • Prevention of non-occupational accidents

    In cooperation with the Swiss Council for Accident Prevention (BFU), we provide you with prevention material on various topics such as sports, house and garden. You will find more information here (in German).

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