Mental health: Let's talk about it

Every second person suffers from a mental illness at least once in their life. We would like to help to those affected, their families and employers.

This is why the subject is close to our hearts

  • Every second person is affected during their lifetime
  • Some 28 percent have problems that outweigh their resources
  • Mental illnesses can be prevented

Mental health affects us all

We can all identify the times when our mental health is under strain. Sometimes we don't have the energy for everyday tasks, we can't sleep because of worry or we feel like we can't relax because we are permanently stressed. If these periods carry on for a long time, then not only is our wellbeing at risk, but also our mental health.

In fact, every second person in Switzerland suffers from mental stress or mental illness at least once in their lifetime. People of all ages are affected by this: children and young people, adults and also the elderly. Furthermore, some 28 percent of Switzerland's working population feels that their problems outweigh their resources according to the Job Stress Index 2022. (in german)

In all probability, you know someone with mental health problems or are even affected by them yourself. Many people don't know how they can help themselves or those affected or what help is available. 

What can I do if I have mental health issues?

If existing or potential illnesses are identified and tackled early enough, they can be treated in many cases. Speak with a friend, colleague or a family member about your problem. Here you can find tips on how to do this. Or contact a professional helpline and get advice from the experts. From classic psychotherapy to flexible online workshops,  there's a suitable offer for every need in order to prevent and treat mental illnesses. 

We can all also nurture our mental health on a day-to-day basis. Find out here (in german) what preventive measures you can take for your mental wellbeing.

Promoting mental health

Today there are a great many projects and offers for promoting mental health, both from private providers as well as from official agencies such as the government, cantons and municipalities. With the "How are you today" app from Switzerland's German-speaking cantons and Pro Mente Sana, you can learn, for example, how to become more mentally aware of your feelings and how to deal with them better. The "10 steps for mental health" gives valuable insights into promoting mental health. 

In the best case, you will never have to deal with mental stress or illness at all, which is why the subject of prevention is so important. The first and most important step is to talk openly about mental health problems. AXA would like to raise awareness about this topic and, in conjunction with partners, offer help for people who become ill, relief for those facing difficulties and prevention for those affected, their families and employers. 

Mental health: AXA is dedicated to the cause

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), nearly one billion people suffer from a mental illness – a situation that has been compounded by the Coronavirus pandemic. In addition to cardiovascular diseases and cancer, mental illness is the largest health issue facing our population.

Mental problems also affect people in Switzerland. Every second person is affected at least once in their life and nearly everyone living in Switzerland knows someone who is struggling or has struggled with their own mental health. We are also faced with a high suicide rate in this country. Young people are particularly affected: One in eleven youngsters has attempted to take their own life. More than ten percent of our healthcare costs, which are estimated at over CHF 7 billion a year, are spent on mental illnesses and their consequences.

As part of our "Know You Can" brand promise, AXA would like to embolden, strengthen and encourage customers, also when it comes to mental health. Mental health problems should not be taboo. 

We show those affected and their loved ones where they can find help. We also promote prevention, such as with our blog article,  "10 steps for mental health". Furthermore, we help employers to recognize the signs of mental illnesses, offer support for broaching the subject with those affected and provide advice on how to deal with situations where people become ill. This is why we have developed WeCare, an offering that provides companies with holistic support on the topic of employee health. 

Promote your employees' mental health with WeCare

Healthy and motivated employees are one of the keys to success for companies. AXA has developed WeCare as a comprehensive solution for companies who are wholly invested in their employees' health. It includes advice for any health-related issues, various offers and services to prevent psychological strain as well as support on how to reintegrate employees back into the workplace after an illness or accident.

"We want to work with our partners to ensure that mental illness is no longer taboo, and that those affected and their families receive the support they need when they need it."

Thomas Gerber, Head of Life, Savings & Health at AXA Switzerland

Reach out to someone

If you're experiencing a mental health emergency, consult a doctor immediately or contact the "Talking Helps" organization by dialling 143.

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